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Minecraft Cheat Codes

Several cheat codes are available for Minecraft, but first you need to enable the use of the cheat console. There are 2 ways to cheat in Minecraft and we will explain them in this article.

Minecraft - Cheat codes

  • 1 - Launch network game ("Open to LAN Mode") and click on turn on the "Allow Cheats" option
  • 2 - Launch a new game. Go to More World Options > Allow Cheats. It should be noted that in the solo mode, not all the cheats codes are available.

To enter a cheat code:

  • Open the chat and type the desired cheat, preceded by a slash (/).

Some examples:

  • To change the time:
    • /time set 0 - switch to day
  • To create bricks:
    • /give [playername] [item] [amount]
    • E.g /give myplayer cobblestone 50 will give the player 50 cobblestone.
    • A full list of Minecraft bricks is available here

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