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Audacity - Remove a section of a music track

Audacity - Remove a section of a music track

You need to remove an undesired section from a music track? This tutorial is for you!

Editing your audio files

  • Open Audacity and load the music track you want to edit:
    • Click and drag file to Audacity's interface.
    • Click on File > Open > Select your music track
  • Use the zoom tool to to get a more precise view of music waveform.

  • Select the area you want to remove your music (using the selection tool), keeping in mind that you need to select the right connection points ( cue point such as a percussion,.....).

  • Click on Edit> Delete
  • Listen to the music track again and check if everything is OK before saving it.

Recording the track

  • Once the modification made, you need to save your "new" music track.
  • Click on File> Export Music.

  • Click on "Options".
  • Set the bit rate mode, quality,....
  • Click on Ok

  • Finally, save your music.
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