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GTA IV Cell Phone Game Cheat Codes

Cheat codes are a series of entry codes that can be used to trigger events in a video game. Cheat codes are available for almost all video games, including PS3, PS4, Xbox, and mobile phone video games. When playing GTA IV on your mobile phone, you can enter cheat codes to do things like get easy money; fly a plane or jetpack; get a tank; restore your life; or change the weather. If you're trying to track down a full list of cheat codes for the game, this FAQ may be a great place for you to start.

N.B. Cheat codes for GTA for mobile phones only work after the second mission has been accessed, and they do not work if the game is being played online. Cheat codes may make a game unstable and should be used with caution.

How to Activate Cheats

To make the codes work, simply dial the number on your phone and press the green call key to activate them.

GTA IV Life & Armor Cheats

Entering 482-555-0100 restores life, armor and weapons, whereas 362-555-0100 only restores life and armor.

GTA IV Weapons Cheats

Entering 486-555-0100 gets you access to the Weapons Lot 1, which includes a baseball bat, a 9mm pistol, a shotgun, an MP5, an M4, a sniper rifle, an RPG, and grenades.

Keying in 486-555-0150 makes Weapons Lot 2 accessible. This group includes a knife, Molotov cocktails, a 9mm pistol, a shotgun, an Uzi, an AK47, a sniper rifle, and an RPG.

GTA IV Police Cheats

Entering 267-555-0100 removes the star search, and 267-555-0150 adds 1 star search.

GTA IV Vehicle Cheats

Entering 227-555-0100 makes an FBI Buffalo appear; 227-555-0142 summons a Cognoscenti; 227-555-0147 gets you a Turismo; and 227-555-0168 releases a SuperGT.

Pressing 227-555-0175 gets you access to a Comet; 359-555-0100 make an Annihilator appear; 625-555-0100 gets you an NRG-900; 625-555-0150 will get you a Sanchez; and 938-555-0100 summons a JetMAX.

GTA IV Weather Cheat

Entering 4685550100 allows you to change the weather in the game.

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