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Cheats and Codes for GTA: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an action-adventure video game published in 2004 by Rockstar Games. Despite the time since its release, this game retains a lot of fans who continue to play its different versions for gaming consoles, computers, or mobile devices.During the game you can activate different tricks that will help you complete the missions or make them much more fun. The San Andreas GTA tricks for PC presented below must be introduced during the course of the game.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hints for PC

MROEMZH: You find gansters everywhere.
MROEMZH: The gangsters control the city.
BIFBUZZ: Gansters are the masters of the street.
ONLYHOMIESALLOWED: The gangsters are everywhere.
YLTEICZ: Aggressive drivers.
LLQPFBN: Pink traffic.
IOWDLAC: Black traffic.
AFSNMSMW: Flying boats.
BGLUAWML: Pedestrians attack you with weapons and launch missiles.
FOOOXFT: Everyone is armed.
BLUESUEDESHOES: Elvis is the king and that is why he's everywhere.
ASBHGRB: Elvis is everywhere.

OGXSDAG: Maximize respect.
EHIBXQS: Maximize sexual attraction.
JYSDSOD: Muscle to the maximum.
AEZAKMI: Stop a search for you.
IFIRSTDOZ: Never wanted.
CAINEMVHZC: Infinite health, except for explosions and falls.
LFGMHAL: Super jump.
BAGUVIX: Increase health bar.
CVWKXAM: Infinite oxygen.
BAGOWPG: Reward for your head.
AIYPWZQP: To have a parachute.
IAVENJQ: Super hit.
BUFFMEUP: Even more muscles.
HELLOLADIES: Maximum sexual attraction.
AEDUWNV: You're never hungry.
MUNASEF: Adrenaline mode.
SZCMAWO: Suicidal.
CIKGCGX: Party on the beach.
BEKKNQV: Prostitute magnet.

COXEFGU: All cars have nitro.
BGKGTJH: Cars are utilitarian.
GUSNHDE: Cars are sporty.
BSXSGGC: Cars go very far when you hit them.
CPKTNWT: All cars explode.
XICWMD: Car becomes invisible.
PGGOMOY: Perfect driving.
ZEIIVG: All green lights.
RIPAZHA: Cars fly.
JHJOECW: Rabbit jumps.
VKYPQCF: Taxis have nitro, L3 to make the rabbit leap.
EVERYONEISPOOR: Traffic cars are cheap.
EVERYONEISRICH: Traffic cars are fast.
URKQSRK: An acrobatic airplane appears.
allcarsgoboom: All cars explode.
THGLOJ: Less traffic.
GHOSTTOWN: Reduced traffic.
NATURALTALENT: Vehicle status at 100%.
CJPHONEHOME: Rabbit jump (very large jump).
NINJATOWN: Ninja themed.
FLYINGFISH: The boats fly.
STICKLIKEGLUE: You are the master of driving.

OFVIAC: Orange sky, 21:00.
MGHXYRM: Lightning storm.
CWJXUOC: Sandstorm.
XJVSNAJ: It's always midnight.
CFVFGMJ: Cloudy weather.
YSOHNUL: Speed up time.
AFZLLQLL: Sunny weather.
ICIKPYH: Very sunny weather.
ALNSFMZO: Cloudy weather.
AUIFRVQS: Rainy weather.
PPGWJHT: Shake up time (game).
LIYOAAY: Slow time (game).
SLOWITDOWN: Slow playing time.
SPEEDITUP: Fast play time.
TOODAMNHOT: Very sunny weather.
PLEASANTLYWARM: Sunny weather.

JUMPJET: Get the Hydra.
KGGGDKP: Get the Hovercraft.
JCNRUAD: Get the Smash n 'Boom.
YECGAA: Get the Jetpack.
ITSALLBULL: Get a Dozer.
FLYINGTOSTUNT: Get an acrobatic plane.
OHDUDE: Get a Hunter.
TRUEGRIME: Get the garbage truck.
VROCKPOKEY: Get a race car.

AIWPRTON: A Rhino appears (tank).
CQZIJMB: A Bloodring Banger appears.
JQNTDMH: A ranchera appears.
PDNEJOH: A racing car appears.
VPJTQWV: A sports car appears.
AQTBCODX: Romero appears.
KRIJEBR: A ​​Stretch appears.
UBHYZHQ: A garbage truck appears.

LXGIWYL: Weapons set 1, Thug tools.
KJKSZPJ: Weapon set 2, professional tools.
PROFESSIONALSKIT: Weapon set 2, professional tools.
UZUMYMW: Weapon set 3, crazy tools.
HESOYAM: Health, armor, and $250k ($ 250,000).
WANRLTW: Infinite ammunition, no recharge.
OUIQDMW: Aim with all weapons while driving.
SJMAHPE: Recruit anyone (9 mm).
ZSOXFSQ: Recruit anyone (rockets).
FULLCLIP: Infinite ammunition, you do not need to reload weapons.
ROCKETMAYHEM: Get missiles for recruiting someone.

ASNAEB: Set the search level to 0.
Testeducationalskills: No search level.
OSRBLHH: Increase the search level by 2 stars.
BRINGITON: 6 stars in the search level.
LJSPQK: Search level at 6 stars.

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