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How To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

The Garena Free Fire in game currency is referred to as Diamonds. Diamonds allow you to change cosmetic skins (characters, weapons, outfits, pet costumes etc). If you want to enjoy them all, there are several ways that you can: complete missions, obtain rewards or purchase them from the shop with Diamonds. This article will show you how to get free diamonds for Free Fire.

How to Buy Diamonds

You can purchase Diamonds either from the Google Play Store or directly through the Garena Topup Centre. It is actually more cost efficient to buy from the Topup Centre as they offer a 100% Bonus, doubling the amount of diamonds that you will receive.

  • To buy Free Fire diamonds you need to log in with your Free Fire ID and choose your mode of payment.
  • Once you connect your Free Fire account, you will see your diamonds there.

For information, this is how the currency conversion for Free Fire diamonds:

  • $1.10 = ₹80 = 100 Diamonds
  • $3.45 = ₹250 = 310 Diamonds
  • $5.50 = ₹400 = 520 Diamonds
  • $11 = ₹800 = 1060 Diamonds
  • $22 = ₹1600 = 2180 Diamonds
  • $55 = ₹4000 = 5600 Diamonds

Note: This is a rough currency version, the real amount may change.

How to Get Free Fire Diamonds

With Special Events

There are special events, such as the Free Fire Diamond Spin where you have the chance to win 10000 Diamonds for free. You can choose between 1 or 10 spins and have the chance to win special bundles, or 10000 diamonds. You can get additional rewards if you accumulate 10, 20 and 30 spins.

With Google Opinion Rewards

With the Google Opinion Rewards app you can answer surveys and earn a Google Play balance. You can then use this balance to purchase Free Fire Diamonds.

With Apps to Earn Money

There are specific apps that will provide gifts that can later be transformed into PayPal money, bitcoins, Amazon cards, or Google Play cards. With these gifts, you can get your Free Fire diamonds.

Some of these apps include: Openbook, App Trailers, CashPirate, appKarma, MoneyApp, LuckyCash, appBucks, among many others.

After acquiring more diamonds you can access to more advanced features. In addition, there are numerous apps to customize Free Fire, such as FF Name Style Creator (for Fire Free Nicknames).

With Gifts Between Friends

The game allows players to send gifts to one another. At certain times you can give away diamonds, these will be announced while you're waiting for a new game to start. Remind your friends that you've sent diamonds so that they don't forget to check.

With Accomplished Missions

Free diamonds don't rain from the sky, but they are well-deserved gifts for won battles and accomplished missions. After these accomplishments, watch out for the notification you've acquired new diamonds.

With Gamehag

Gamehag is a web page with variety of games that allow you to win Soul Gems. You can later exchange these gems for other items, such as a Google Play card that can be used to buy Free Fire diamonds without actually spending any of your own money.

Can I get Diamonds for Free in Free Fire?

Whilst there are several different ways of getting diamonds in Free Fire, there is no legal way of generating free diamonds for Free Fire, and if you use one of the free diamond generators you risk losing access to your account. There is also a high risk of your account being hacked. We cannot recommend that you do use any illegal methods to get free diamonds (such as a Free Fire Diamond Hack or Free Fire Diamond Generator).
This is what the Free Fire Generator looks like:

You need to enter your username and the type of mobile device you are using.

Once the generator has finished you are supposed to see the diamonds on your account. When I tried I didn’t receive anything and saw a notification saying that my account had insufficient credits to fulfill the purchase. I would not recommend that you use this Free Fire, Free Diamond generator.
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