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Create a Portable Version of Minecraft

This article discusses some tricks for playing Minecraft. It is important to note that the tricks will only work on an original version, not a pirated one. Minecraft is inexpensive and DRM-free and you can keep a portable version of it on your USB key. To run the game without an internet connection, you must have Java installed on your system. In this article, we will show you how to create a portable version of Minecraft.

Note: This trick is only valid if you purchased the original Minecraft game. You must have played the game online at least once to enable Minecraft to download its files.

Create a Portable Version of Minecraft

Having a portable version of Minecraft allows you to carry your game on a USB key and you will be able to play without an internet connection.

Note that: Java must be installed on the host computer for you to play your game.

To get started, create the following directories:

  • minecraft
  • minecraft\bin
  • minecraft\data

Copy Minecraft.exe in minecraft\bin
Copy your .minecraft directory in minecraft\data

Your .minecraft directory contains these words, and is located in your user profile (c:\Users\yourlogin\AppData\Roaming\ under Vista, or C:\Documents and Settings\yourlogin\Application Data\ under Windows XP).

Then create portable_minecraft.bat file, containing the following instructions:

set APPDATA=%CD%\data          

Then, simply double-click portable_minecraft.bat to play the game!

Important Information

  • Altering the APPDATA environment variable does not touch the system APPDATA. This change will only affect programmes launched from the bat file. It will not change your system settings.
  • Minecraft makes a lot of disk writes, which may be slow on USB keys. The game may freeze from time to time. For a better performance, unzip to HD, play on HD, then zip back to USB.
  • It may be possible to use Portable Java, but this has not been tested.

Several versions have been added to the game. A Survival mode has been added and an Adventure mode is in the process of being added. Those who have already bought the game can access the in-development version known as Beta.

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