Left shift key has been typing out this symbol "|" [Closed]

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Just recently, my left shift key has been typing out this symbol | when I press it. But only when I press it on the left side closer to the Z. This is making it hard for me to capitalise my letters and is quite annoying.

||See this is what my sentence looks like when |I use my shift like I| normally would, without consciously pressing it on the far left side. |Stupid vertical bar. It spams if I hold it down, too. ||||||||||||

I use a Cougar Vantar RGB Scissor Switch Gaming Keyboard. Since this is a recent problem, I assume that I have toggled something without knowing?

Thank you for your help!
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Thank you
|Did you ever find the solution? |Curious because I am clearly dealing with the same issue.
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Thank you
Try to clean the key with compressed air, there could be dust, dirt or food particles such as Burger Rings or Twisties.