No display and flashing caps lock led

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I have an HP Envy(!?) On switching on - no display, caps lock led flashes twice, fan running. I understand the led flashes are a BIOS problem. I downloaded new BIOS to a flash drive but cannot get it to boot from this.

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That isn't a BIOS problem, it is a hardware problem. It isn't passing the power on self test, so the BIOS won't load. YOur hardware has failed. Look up the flashing code on HP support site, and that will get you going in the right direction!
Thank you

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Hi Mark, Thanks for your advice I will look at the HP site and go from there.
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If you need more troubleshooting techniques prior to moving forward, after you find out what it possible is, we can help in half splitting the component!
Hi Mark I turns out my HDD was having a little hissy fit. It is working now but I won't leave it too long before I look into it. I really have my eye on a new Dell XPS 15 so this may be the best excuse to justify getting one.
Thanks again for pointing me I the right direction.
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Cool thanks for the feedback. Look when it comes time, save that HDD. There is a SATA to USB device that you can get the info out of that drive with. Once you get another machine, post back, and we will assist with getting the files off that one if it fails before you can get to it!