Can't access the files on my external hard drive


Can't access files on my external hard drive. It worked for months, now when it's plugged in it shows as a CD=Drive "E". When clicked on, says insert a disk in the drive. Can't access files.
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These steps might correct the problem:
Step 1- Right click My Computer.
Step 2- Click on Manage.
Step 3- On the left panel Click Device Manager.
Step 4- The middle panel click on Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
Step 5- Locate your USB.
For example,
Mine was Cruzer Blade.
Step 6- Click on it and check the device status.
For example,Mine was "There are no drivers installed"
Step 7- Once confirmed Click on the Driver tab.
Step 8- Uninstall the driver.
Step 9-remove the external hard drive nd turn the computer off and then back on.
Step10- plug the external drive back in.

If you are lucky Windows will correctly find and identify the drive.
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