My Facebook account has been disabled for pretending to be someone else

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How can I enable my Facebook account?

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December 3, 2021

Did you use your real name ?

If so, you can confirm your identity by sending your ID via this form:
Thank you

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Info Hello sir your security system has been disabled my real account in mistakley now i am sending my real proof please sir review it and reopen my account
Birthday of my id is 7/5/1998
This is the government issue id of me from myanmar.
I have only one account
Please reopen my account
Thank for review
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You are confused. We are CCM.NET, and we do not have any task related to accounts in any other network. Contactbthat network directly.

Help me please reopen my facebook disabled account by the Names of Ivan Peter Emma real identification, please please I'm down on my knees, thank you.
Hi Facwbook my account was disabled please please reactivemy account
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See above post. We are not facebook.

Will I be able to get back my facebook account?
Yes my account is real
But mistake my account is disabled
Please please my account reactive
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Once again.......
See above post. We are not facebook.
sir i sended 30report but cant open my accound
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once again, we are not Facebook, therefore we can do nothing!