Systematically booting twice

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Wednesday December 10, 2008
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January 12, 2019
Hello gents,

So my PC runs windows 7 64 bits, and my graphic card is a GeForce GTX 750
A couple of weeks ago suddenly my computer started acting weird.
When booting, after the first windows is loading logo, booting fails. There is not much except a tiny band at the top of the screen which looks like the graphic card failed, you know just stripes of flashy colors.
Then it reboots and boot successfully.

This is very consistent and happens almost every time.
Also, when I unplug the monitor to use it with my nintendo switch and plug it back after a while, the computer signal doesnt appear on the screen. Same thing when it goes out of sleep. I have to force shut down and reboot.

I have formatted and reinstalled windows, as well as my graphic card driver, but the failed boot problem is still there. (The signal not coming to the monitor after sleep seems fixed though)

Any tips on how to solve this issue?

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 71.0.3578.98
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