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I recently build a pc and it’s been working great but twice now I have unplugged my monitor and pc for various reasons and when I plug them back my monitor says no signal. Last time it kinda just fixed by itself idk what I did but it was working again but now I can’t get it to work. I don’t think it’s my pc but instead the monitor although it did give a signal with my MacBook using the hdmi cable. Sadly I can’t see if it is my monitor as that is the only one I have and can’t try with a different monitor.

Things I have tried:
Unplugging all cables and plugging them in again.

Remove ram sticks and swapping them around.

Try my graphics card in a different slot on the motherboard

No luck yet but I know it’s fixable. Thanks,

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Hdmi is not a standard. Ypu may have to turn on montior first or pc first. Because it is not a standardx not all hdmi devices are required to work together!

Im using a display port i was just testning with a hdmi port to see IF it connects to my macbook
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Do you have an onboard graphics card to test with? Remove the graphics card and use the onboard graphivs. Perhaps the graphivlc card setting is set to a signal that the monitor cannot display!
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Yes i tried it but it didnt work. Like i said i think the problem is with the monitor not the pc. Or maybe something like the cpu idk. All I know is the pc was working fine and everything looked good in the bios.
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Any modern tv will do then.....if you are trying to t shoot the monitor.

Do i just plug it into the tv with a hdmi cable and it turns on?
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Yea, but turn the PC on first, then the TV. Make certain the TV is set to whatever the HDMI is. IF that does not present a picture, turn off the PC, leave the TV on, once again making certain that the proper HDMI port is on. Then boot. As I said, not all HDMI has to play right, so you may have to change the order in whcih you try to connect the devices. Also, make certain that if the TV has DVI port, use it as it eliminates another variable in the final attempt!

It came up no signal there too so it probably is my pc...