ADSL : Only works when my phone is being used [Closed]

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Hello! I have a Serbian adsl internet from MTS. I've been getting problems with my modem/router. Every time someone from my family uses it, only then does the internet work/ it works for like 10 minutes after using the phone ( calling, recieving calls ). After not using the phone for like half an hour, my internet just doesn't work. Sometimes the " internet " light is on but the wifi/ internet just doesn't want to load any websites, and sometimes the internet light just goes away until someone uses the phone. I used a temporary " fix " by picking up the telephone and leaving it on the buttons so the telephone thinks its in a call. If anyone can help me, and if you need more details just ask!

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Put an adsl filter on the phone. Your isp should have provided them.
Thanks for your fast response! I in fact do have 2 splitters ( or whatever they're called, I'm inexperienced at that stuff ) There's one that splits it into the cable that goes into my modem and one that goes into my phone. Now the 2nd splitter is used to extend the cable by putting another cable into it, if that's how the guys over at mts made it like that. I can provide images if you'd like to.
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One should be for the phone jack. Plug the filter in, plug the phone into the filter.
Hello, thanks for your fast reply again! I've already done a long time ago when I set up my modem, but the problem still persists, I'll see if I can plug my modem without the 2nd splitter and see if that works, just in case.
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The adsl router should not have a filter.

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