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Hello, My instagram account got hacked 5-6 days ago, the hacker changed the email and password, and made a authentication code thing i do not have access to, i tried recovering it but nothing worked. First i tried to send verification selfies to confirm im the owner of the account, i sent it several times and none of them were confirmed, after that i was COMPLETELY unable to even SEND a verification selfie, every single day i try to send a verification selfie again but it always says "an error occured while uploading, please try again" i tried everything to fix it, clear data/cache/storage, uninstalling and installing instagram again, restarting my phone but nothing worked. I tried to contact Instagram, I've sent 5 different emails to different Instagram addresses but obviously none of them responded, I also tagged Instagram on twitter and obviously no response, i ALSO sent a message to Instagramforbusiness account trying to get a real human help me, but worthless. I did not get a response. I also tried to send verification selfies with different phones but it did not work. with my phone i GET to record a verification selfie, but with other phones after i click Yes i have my photos on my profile so i can send a verification selfie thing, it asks me to send a code via my number, after that it asks to enter my previous password, AND after that it asks me to enter an authentication code i dont have access to. Pressing try another way button only "visit help center" and "enter a backup code (which i dont have also)" things pop up. I dont know what to do. I'm extremely frustrated that Instagram doesn't care that much about people who get hacked. Can anyone help or suggest something i can do? It will be very appreciated. Thanks.


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Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, recovering a hacked Instagram account can be challenging. We've a lot of threads here discussing about those recovery issues, but some people have found potential solutions and I hope they'll work for you.

In this thread, someone has solved the issue with the selfie verification process by using an iPhone instead of an Android. Another person here has uninstalled the app for three days before reinstalling it - she had her account back then. In this other thread, the solution was to disable filters and effects of the camera to avoid the selfie from being rejected by Instagram.

Here's also a long thread where people are sharing their experience with the recovery process after being hacked. As you can see, recovery is difficult unfortunately...

Good luck

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Report the issue through Instagram's Help Center and submit a support request, providing a clear explanation of your situation. Also, check the email originally linked to your Instagram for any messages from Instagram and make sure it's secure. Keep trying to contact Instagram through social media and use two-factor authentication if you have it set up.