FN key in Toshiba L300 not working [Solved/Closed]

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Somehow I must have pressed a FN function key combo and now I only get the Alt Red symbols when I use the shift key. For example, "shift" + "3" yields "/" and not "#". I have read the manual and cannot find instructions as to how to reverse what I did.

System: Toshiba Satellite L300
Mozilla Firefox

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Hye to unlock the Fn key:



Fn + Shift +Numlk

i have da same probl with my toshiba L 300 I really near to change this brand ... I faaaaad up with it .. any way if any one know how to change / close function let us know ex " when I press shft+ 2 it should be @ but not it showin me """ what da Fu""""""""""""""""""
Download and (re)install the Toshiba Value added Package from Toshiba support site. It works for me.