My gateway m 6750 won't start

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please if you can help me with my gateway m 6750. he dont wont to start. see '' gateway m 6750'' in list with problems there is my question
thanks for helping me

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Your M-6750 might not be working because of a dead BIOS battery. My M-6750 got a bluescreen one day and wouldnt start after. I took out the CMOS battery (which is underneath the Wireless card), then took out the regular battery and held the power button for 30 seconds. After my laptop started up perfectly. The symptoms after the bluescreen were
- The power button lit up
- The Harddrive activity LED flashed a few times then stopped
- all the LEDs in back of the mouse buttons lit
- The screen stayed blank the whole time

Well good luck :)
Thank you

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Same thing happened to me
I took out the cpu, ram, wifi card, fan (cleaned it) and Both battery's and held down the power button for 30 and pushed it a few times more for good measure.

Only after I did this with the cmos battery out did it boot up!

Thanks Annel!!!