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Ok heres my issue. I connect to the internet using a free wireless connection in the city. My desk top uses this connection. I want to take that connection from my desk top and use the ethernet port to connect the desk top to another router. Then use that routers wireless to connect my lap top and wired connections for Xbox.

I am connecting the desk top ethernet to the uplink/internet port on the router using a crossover cable.

My desk top connection IP address is and trhe gateway ip is

The routers default address is How do i get this to work??? I tired to to do the internet connection sharing and it came up with an error.

I also used te network set up wizard saying the desk top connects directly to the internet and other computers connect through this conputer, and then set the lap top as this computer connects through another computer or router, but it keeps coming up with an error.

I have a feeling it is some IP address conflicts, but one thing i did do was on the ethernet connection on the desktop i changed the default gateway ip address to just so it wouldnt conflict with the default gateway on the wireless, but i dont think i had the right idea when i did that...anyone please help

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Okay it's easy to do this; you have to bridge your city internet connection over to your router if you have the router hooked up to the computer then you do the following things. Oh and the bridge connection will only work on a windows XP or higher (includeing VISTA)
1. go to the NETWORK CONNECTIONS (Control panel> Network and Internet> NETWORK CONECTIONS)
2. Highlight the connection that is the one that is recieving the city internet connection push and hold shift; then click on the connection that is going to the router; release the shft key. (they should both be highlighted)
3. Right click one of them (it doesn't matter which one) then click BRIDGE CONNECTIONS, then follow the step your computer prompts you to do.

I promise this will work as long as you do it with a Windows based computer.
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I have a HP Desktop running Vista Home Premium, I did exactly what he said, and it connected to a 13 year old HP runnin XP professional, all I had to have was a Cat 5 cable and that was it just like he said. I have been looking for a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long time on how to do this, as the two operating systems conflicted, but i read this and it worked thanks so much!!!!!

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Jan 23, 2009 at 09:24 PM
This is exactly what i am trying to do but have had limited success. I have a usb antenna plugged into my desktop and have a strong signal coming in to my house. I also have a router connected to the Ethernet port which i would like to have send out the signal to my laptop around the house. after going to my network connection i highlight both the wireless connection and the local area connection which is connected to the router. i right click and bridge the two connects. It appears to be successful and the bridge and the local area connection say connected. but as soon as the bridge is up the wireless cuts off. if i right click the bridge and delete it then my wireless immediately comes back. Does anyone have any idea whats goin on?
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Mar 3, 2009 at 09:36 PM
to answer the question about bridging connections but then they cut out you have to first disable sharing in the advanced tab of the incoming internet signal. then the two will bridge. then remove from bridge the internet signal and enable sharing again. this does it for my xp laptop but u might have to re add it to the bridge after this. the bridge works because i can take a free wireless signal from outside my home, bridge connections to my xbox and run an ethernet cord from the laptop outside to the xbox inside to get Live. my question is can i get a wireless router to sit outside, gather this signal and push it through to my computer (in ethernet cable form is fine) or maybe just make the signal stronger so it will reach into the house.
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Apr 2, 2009 at 12:31 PM
@brigini, u are the man. saved me a lot of time and hussle. more grease to ur elbows
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Mar 11, 2009 at 01:09 PM
I have the same problem did you get an answer on how to make this work? please let me know.
also i havent tried this yet but here
i got mine to work
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Jan 8, 2009 at 08:38 AM
You guys don't get it, those of us asking DO NOT HAVE A CABLE MODEM OR ROUTER INCOMING WE ARE PICKING UP WIRLESS SIGNALS THROUGH OUR WLAN or usb aircard. we need to take the signal from those devices and output to our wireless routers through our LAN output. reading most of these posts most of you have missed the question. how to convert an already wireless signal and take it through your desktop and re broadcast the same signal through your own wireless router
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Jan 15, 2009 at 02:49 PM
Is that signal even fast enough to be useful once you send it to other devices on your network?
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Jul 7, 2008 at 12:25 PM
Try to configure your Ip manually

Go to your network places
Then right click on the wireless device

Click on properties
Click on Internet Protocol (tcp /Ip )

Then set up manually the ip

And put your router id as gateway .

it Should work

If there is any iP conflict it is because two post are using same ip

To check the ip go to Start
Type Cmd

A dos window will appear
then Type Ipconfig
You will have the actual Ip of the Pc
alright, for all the people going crazy trying to figure this out...its actually quite simple once you've done it a first time. the information that i got was from this url: the main thing you will need to have is a crossover cable, for anyone that doesnt have one, id recommend learning how to make one, considering how much cheaper it is to create one, to how much it is to buy one (to make- less than 10 buy- can be up to 60 the math) for anyone that needs help with this, email me at

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I am not connecting through the router though. I am connecting my desktop to the internet through another wireless connection and connecting my wireless router through my desktop.
I got the same question. Did you figure it out?
i have the same problem. did you figure it out?
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Apr 20, 2009 at 12:08 PM
Hi there i have a wireless router on my desktop but my laptop wifi connection i cannot access to the internet. But i have connection on my wirless when i open IE the page cannot be displayed
i have the same problem
give up. i cant even get mine connected

I managed to connect mine are you still experiencing problems
bobo > leelou
Nov 2, 2008 at 02:08 AM
hi leelou, how did you do it?

any luck yet i have the same issue thought it would be simple.

surly there is a way to go from wlan thru the desktop out the lan to the wireless router for distribution of the internet signal.
I think you are just making things hard on yourself. Hardware is cheap and time is expensive.

I would get a wireless router (which I have), then connect to the wireless router with your other devices, up to four, and directly connect your desktop to the router. A wireless router will take 4 direct wire connections which can be expanded and almost an infinite number of wireless devices. You can probably get an 801g free somewhere.
perhaps for you, but for many of use hardware is expensive and we have nothing but time on our hands. So if you don't have an answer you don't have to critisize the question.
Your having IP conflicts because DHCP must not be working. DHCP automatically recycles and reassigns IP addresses. Make sure DHCP is 'ON' in the router settings, and also for both PC's under the ethernet card properties. Turn PC's off, reboot router, turn PC's back on, and fire up the router. Everything should work fine at that point. What kind of router are you using? Most home-based routers have built in switch ports, meaning you only need straight-through ethernet cat5+
PLEASE HELP! I'm trying to do this exact thing, and I cant really tell what you all did to get this to work.

In my case:

I am receiving internet to my laptop from my at&t 3g wireless device. (So I have no MODEM that could provide a connection to a WiFi router)

However, I must have a Wifi Router, as my PS3 and Apple TV require it for internet access. Direct Ethernet from these devices to the laptop is not possible or feasible.

So...I must get a Wifi Router internet access from my Laptop some how. Obviously by the ethernet port on my laptop.

Now, How to do it. What kind of ethernet port cable. CAT5 or Crossover. I am running Vista, what do I need to do in my networking settings. I am clueless on this part.

I greatly appreciate any help or advice or even a suggestion.

Thank You
james check out this video. if youre running vista it will take 5 seconds to make your laptop put out a wireless signal
Do you have to share a IP# with all PC's on your home wireless network?
i have three systems online and a PS3, all have the same ip#(206.*.*.*), and threrefore i can not connect back to my linux box from work, can anyone help me figure out how to have seperate ip#'s ?? ,( not local NET [example 169.*).

its not possible going throught the in ethernet port
first set your router to be a wireless bridge you will need to get the mac address of the signal your connecting to now you can receve the signal to your router and rebroadcast it at the same time and there will be 4 ports coming from the router that you could also connect to wired if you so desired, if you have a wireless router there is no reason to burden your pc with such a task
could you explain how to set the router as a wireless bidge and please post step by step on how to do this.
how do you connect wireless internet up
hey need help in inding my wireless connection for my playstation 3 through broadband and virgin and a netgear router
I have excellent connection to internet but it won't get IP address. I got it to work for like 1 second but I don't know how. HELP.
IP address neeeds to be
Are you all trying to use ur signal from your laptop to power up ur router signal? if so can u do that and attach it to say an xbox for live?
you need to translate my words...........para compartir el internet de tu computadora de escritorio con tu laptop o otras computadoras por medio de wifi es simple.

vas a ocupas dos routers para hacer la conexion sin ninguna dificultad.

1 el primer router switch lo vas a conectar a la tarjeta de red de tu computadora una vez encendido y conectado despues vas a entrar a tu Local Area Connection dar click en Propierties despues Advanced utilizar Network Set up Wizard seleccionar la opcion This computer connects directly to the internet y despues seleccionar Wireless Network Connection despues Local Area Connection sigue llenar datos de nombre de la computdora y seguido por el nombre de la conexion, despues seleccionamos Turn off file and printer sharing y por ultimo paso Just finish the wizard.

2 prendemos el routerque transmite senal wifi al router switch un cable va en donde dice internet y el otro en cualquiera de las entradas para compartir la red y listo ya hay internet para las demas computadoras creamos nuestra conexion repetidora de wifi