Sony dcr hc27 connecting to laptop [Closed]

 Ahmed Mahmoud -

I have a sony dcrhc27e video camera and i want to connect it to my samsung q210 laptop to download and edit video. can anyone tell me what cables i need and where i can buy them , what drivers and what softwear is best to edit the video? my laptop is running windows xp and has 3 usb ports and a hdmi , if thats any use? sorry i'm a complete novice to this and not technically minded! thanks for your help

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You need 4 pin fire wire cable to be able to connect the camera to the laptop , the perivious image was for a cable to connect the camera to the TV
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Hye Sir,

You can get this type of cable at the computer spare parts store,

Just check this picture:

This is the same cable you'll need


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