How to run wifi through a LAN cable ??

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I have a laptop running XP SP2. I use WiFi on it. Now, I want to connect my desktop, which uses the same OS, to my laptop, and wish to use the wifi in the desktop and the laptop both at the same time. I think it can be done using a LAN cable but I dont know how to exactly do it... An help on the matter would be very very helpful.


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Oct 5, 2009 at 01:52 PM
you can try this procedure:

Step-by-step on how to connect two PC's via cable

This describes the procedure to connect a PC with a laptop, which enables a user to use Remote desktop feature and the internet connection on both computers.


PC ---------------------------- LAPTOP -> wireless connection to internet
cross-over cable

Configuring LAPTOP:

1. Go to Control Panel -> Network connections
2. Right-click on Wireless network connection and select Properties
3. Select Advanced tab and put a thick in the box "Allow other network users to connect to this computer's Internet connection"
(You can also put a tick in the other box if you wish)
4. Confirm with the OK button and find yourself back in the Network connections window
5. Next, in Network connections Right-click on your LAN adapter, under General tab select Internet protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties
6. Assign IP manually ( - this is also the default if you use Network connection Wizard) and Subnet mask ( - also default)
7. Next you must assing (one or) both DNS servers (I used the one ISP provided) - the most important thing to do is to use the same DNS when you configure the other computer!!!
8. Confirm everything and this computer is done...

Configuring PC (if you don't want to set-up Remote desktop, where PC is the host computer, start at 4.):

1. Go to Control Panel -> System -> Remote tab
2. Put a thick in the "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer"
3. Confirm with OK
4. Go to Control Panel -> Network connections
5. Right-click on your LAN adapter, under General tab select Internet protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties
6. Assign IP manually (for example - has to be in the same range as the IP on the other computer, but different!) and Subnet mask (the same as on the other computer -
7. Assign Default Gateway (which is the assigned IP of the other computer, in this case
8. Assign the same DNS as on the first computer
9. Confirm everything...

Everything should work now. Remember you have to use CROSS-OVER CABLE. If you are having problems with the connections try "playing" with the Firewall settings (under Exceptions and Advanced tab).