Not able to view folder on my D and E Drive [Solved/Closed]

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I have three partision of my hard disk, C,D and E. I have currently installed the escan antivirus. After installing it I am not able to view the folders and files on my D and E drives. I have even uninstalled the antivirus but still not able to see the folder and files.

Although the space at D and E drive is same filled as previously. Means as previously it was showing that free space is 15 gb and used space is 10 gb, similarly it is showing the fille and free space, but does not showing any files and folders on teh drives.

Please help me out to overcome the situation.

I have the WIN Xp on my C Drive. I can see all the folders of C drive.


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same problem 4 me I am not able to view in my g drive but c and d no probs...

How to solve this... plz help me

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Thank you

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Hello All,

I did not find any soltuion for that yet. I have now restorted my system to previous date at which it was wokring fine and now the problem is resolved after restoring. When I restore the system it gives me some folder where it has renamed. All those folder are those softwares which I have currently installed, so may be the big is because of thease siftwares.

i cant view my folder in d and e drive while space occuring by them is visible.
Dear Vipul
your computer has been infected by virus...your C drive working propely but D & E drive not showing Folder & files. If your stored data in D & E drive is important .then you can Access your Data.
1. Download Agent Ransack Software & install.
2.put your Drive Name in Agent Ransack and search.
3.your folder & files will Shows. & open your folder and copy files in other place(removable disk)......NOTE -Dont copy folder becoz folder will not show in other place...
this is awesome....!!! thabnks a tonne....!!! I was getting mad at it...
and now I got all my files back...
but what was the problem.. I mean why this happened...?
its working dude!!! thank you so much..!
if u solved ur problem please help me, I m also have same problem with d drive
Were you able to resolve this problem?? I am facing same problem..
same problem to me wht to do man?
Try using file viewer other than Microsoft for example xyplorer from or try to reach folders content by writing their name: "H:\myfoldername"
I have three partision of my hard disk, C,D and E. I formated drive E, After that I am not able to view the folders and files on my E drive , when I double click on E drive, it ask first formate the E drive and when I format the E drive, it show , the dive was not format completly
Please help me out to overcome the situation.
go to d drive icon right click > properties>tools>error checking >check now dont worry if it takes it time