Inspiron 1525 - won't detect harddisk

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Tuesday November 3, 2009
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November 4, 2009
 Tim -
my laptop(Dell Inspiron - 1525) while booting says hard disk not all happened suddenly ..nothing was wrong with my hard disk as notebook is 6 or 7 months old (WDC WD2500BEVS-75UST0).
the mesage while booting says.......Cannot find a bootable device. I don't think its the controller as I connected another harddisk to the same notebook and no problems were encountered. However, connecting my harddisk to another notebook came up with the same message: Cannot find a bootable device.

Any suggestions? I really need to recover my data.

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Hi there
This problem lies within your BiOS.
You need to go to the Sata settings and change the setting to ATA. You will have to change the cache module to off before you can change to ATA. Once you have done that you can load a new O/S or reboot your old OS using recovery.
Kind Regards Ray M
Thank you

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Monday September 6, 2010
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September 6, 2010

I tried all that and even changed the hdd but stilll getting the message
You're right about going into the bios. I just bought a new hard drive before trying this method and I was told I could not find the HDD while reinstalling windows, but the bios could. then I tried your method, and reinstalled Windows and it worked thinks Razmo40
Worked Brilliant! Inspirion 1525
The exact same thing has occurred to my 1525 also. about two weeks after I bought it the same msg"no bootable device. I have taken it in to three different Laptop r.s and all have returned the same diagnosis and cure: get a new hard drive and start over. I am hoping that you have come up with a different answer? If not I just got the exta cash to get a new part and will be going ahead with that. good luck

Dear Sir,

The problem, from the information that you provided, is actually that your hard drive is not being detected and

this could be from various issues. The first thing that you will have to confirm is whether it is not a hardware

problem. Please look whether the hard drive is well connected and if there is correct power supply to it for it to

function properly. Also check the configuration settings. If all these are correct, please get to BIOS and change

the SATA mode to IDE. You should get to your SATA Devices Configuration in order to change it. Unselect the

RAID and select the IDE. This should normaly set the actual trouble right.

Thanks in advance.