Connecting ps3 through laptop using windows 7 [Solved/Closed]

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hi im looking for some help from anyone that could tell me how to connect ps3 through my laptop using windows 7 finding extremely difficult to do could anyone point me in right direction would b most gratefull thanks.
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Hello xpcman thanks for your quick response, I have just purchsed this wireless 3G dongle mobile internet this is my source of internet and how I plan to connect my ps3 if possible would anyone have a step by step help or link to this, as this is my source to the internet as I do not have a wireless router.

Thank you, tommy 28

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Thank you
Here is a general guide I wrote. For Vista, however, I think you will have to go to the sharing tab instead of the advanced tab when you are browsing the properties of a connection...

1. Get a CAT5 or CAT6 crossover cable. The cable that came with the PS3 is a normal Ethernet cable, therefore it cannot be used for this operation.

2. Make sure you have two sources for network communication. For example, you can have 2 ethernet ports on your computer, or you can have a wireless card and a Ethernet port etc. It helps to draw out a connection blueprint such as this:

DSL Modem > CAT5 cable > Network Card 1 > Computer > Network Card 2 > CAT5 Crossover cable > PS3
You can buy a USB Ethernet adapter for the second network connection on the laptop.

3. Connect your computer to the modem and verify that you have an Internet connection. Then, click on Start, go to settings, control panel. Double click on Network Connections, and identify the connection to your modem (Network card 1).

4. Right click on the modem connection, and choose properties. Next, click on the advanced tab (Sharing tab for Vista users), and check the “allow other users to connect…” checkbox. After the checkbox is checked, click on the “Home networking connection” drop down box and select the name of the second network connection. Click OK and exit the properties window.

5. Finally, connect the CAT5 crossover cable from the second network adapter of the computer to the PS3, and voila, your Internet connection is now routed to your PS3. Please be aware that your computer must be on in order for your PS3 to stay online. In the long run, a router may be a much better device to use than your computer, since it consumes only a fraction of the electricity than your computer does.
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or u can just simply connect your ps3 to your laptop via ethernet cable open up network connections where u will see your main wireless signal and the ethernet one just right click on the main network connection (wireless) an click on bridge then the same with the ethernet port thats connected to your ps3 or you can just highlight the 2 together an bridge the both the same time and wala sorted the both connections link together mmwwwaaahahahah simples
tatayoung9837 - Jul 18, 2013 at 02:22 AM
Thank you
Why do u need a laptop for ps3 to connect internet. Ps3 supports wifi...and use a wifi modem...and it should identify and connect..i have been using the same way..
why is there always somebody on here asking stupid questions like this? I think obviously the Wifi route isnt working for him...............
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why is there always somebody on here always answering posts from years ago. This should have been closed a long time ago.