Touchpad scroll not working

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my touchpad scroll stopped working after installing window7

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I just figured it out thanks to you guys! If you purchased sony vaio in US you got to the US site , type your sony vaio model, go to the left panel to the drivers&software > select windows 7 > and download: Pointing Device - Synaptics® Pointing Device Driver. After installing just reboot the computer. It's so easy! If you purchased your computer in the Europe you're doing same at the site:

Thank U all! Kisses
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hello! I bought a sony vaio laptop and I have a problem with the touchpad. It only moves the pointer, I cannot tap or click on an icon... I would be very gratefull if u could find a solution on my problem!!
Thanks a lot furzia. That really works once again thank u very much...................................
thankss....working...but zoom still not workin with scroll...plzz tell how to zoom through touchpad..?
thank you, it was very helpful!
Thank you!!
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If still you are unable to find the solution, follow the given instructions:
1. Go to 'Control Panel' from the 'Start' menu.
2. Go to 'Hardware' and then select the 'Mouse' tab.
3. Now choose 'Pointing Device Properties' and then choose the 'Device Settings' tab.
4. Select the 'Virtual Scrolling' option and then choose the 'Long Distance Scrolling' tab.
5. Now check all the boxes that you see there.
6. Select 'Scrolling Region' and choose the areas that you wish to devote to the virtual scrolling.
Now how am I suppose to click on hardware if I can't even move/control my mouse?
Touchpad Scroll Doesn't Work Solution:

I have an HP G series. Spoke with HP and followed these steps:

1. Remove all things plugged into the computer, including the power source.

2. Remove the battery also.

3. Press the power button and hold for at least 30 sec.

4. Replace battery and power source and restart computer.

5. click start and type in "Recovery" without the quotations in the start search programs and files bar at the bottom left of the screen.

2. Seletct "Recovery Manager." Allow whatever security that pops up.

3. Click next if necessary on a nearly blank screen with a few lines of wording (sorry didn't read it), then click Hardward Drivers in the first window selection, click next.

4. Select the driver that coincides with touchpad, ie, "Synaptic PS/2 Port Touchpad..." wait for it to finish, then click Finish.:) Restart computer.

Woolah! It scrolls, yeah!!!:)
Thx. I did it without removing the battery and restarting the computer. I just went right to the start and typed in "recovery".
Wait how am I suppose the click/move my mouse if I'm the one that needs to fix it?
Thanks so worked

i did it without even restarting yo yO
BRILLIANT! Thank you! This has been a problem since I installed windows updates. Finally a solution that worked. I skipped steps 1-4 and it worked perfect. This makes me happy! :)
I've acer laptop, i've tried almost everything that you guys say, except opening virtual schrolling in synaptics, because of my synaptic driver just doesn't have that function, i,ve tried downloading from my manufacturer, rolling back driver, but that virtual schrooling button in options hadn't appeard anyway... pls help me:))
Those using Touch-pad synaptic s go to the red synaptic icon in the task bar near the clock,click on pointing device properties>;a dialogue box pops up>Go to the Device settings tab and click on the settings button>; a second dialogue box which is the user manual pops up.On the Table of contents,Go to Virtual scrolling and enable vertical and horizontal scrolling by tick the boxes.should work!!..
where is the table of content I followed till pop up window where am I suppose to find table of content then?
i dont have any virtual settings option all I have is default and button with plus signs thts it!
If scrolling is not working, uninstall Synaptics and try installing Alps driver. That solved scrolling on my Toshiba Satellite A200.
I installed Alps as well on my Sony Vaio model: vpcee22fx and it worked!
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Change the sensitivity setting of mouse from tray icon. Once you've located the correct icon, right-click or double-click it and select "Pointing Device Properties." Click on the "Device Settings" tab and click the button that says "Settings...". In the new window that pops up, click the box next to "Virtual Scrolling" and then click on "Long Distance Scrolling" and make sure the boxes next to the scrolling options are checked. Then select "Scrolling Region" at the left and select the areas you want to be devoted to scrolling.

Please try:

I had the same issue for my Toshiba P105 laptop, it stoped working properly (no scrolling) after installing Windows 7. Above download work for me.