Toshiba satellit A100 could not be turned on

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toshiba satellit A100 lab top was turned off,but could not be turned on .how can I fix it,thanks

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Dear Roy,

Please let it charge for enough time and turn it on. If it doesn't

turn on, please check if the battery is not faulty. Have it replaced

if this is the case. You should however check the motherboard


Thanks in advance.
The problem was with adaptor,I use my other lab top adopter which is 15v and works ok,but inthe instruction manual says 19 DC

Dear Sir,

I will hence advise you to change the adaptor in order

to get the problem fixed.

Is the adaptor repairable?any one knows how?

Dear Roy,

It just depends what's the problem with the adaptor.

If it is with the cables, you can change it. But to detect

what's really messing up in the adapter itself can you cost

more than buying a new one.