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Acer Aspire One, Series: ZG5

When I press alt+f10 I get the Acer eRecovery Management pop-up...
I have 2 options:
1)restore system to factory default
2)reinstall applications/drivers

I only want to restore to factory default. Now if I choose this option will I need to hook up an external CD/DVD Drive and then run the recovery CD?
Can I just Restore system to factory default with out having a Disc?

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i've always done it without any cd or stuff
so you shouldn't need anything

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It all depends, does your notebook has a recovery partition installed or maybe you have the Acer eRecovery mangement tool on a couple of DVD (2 restoration DVD for 32 bit versions and 4 for 64 bit versions).

Ultimately I will advised you to create a set of recovery disc (as back up) and leave the recovery partition on your hard drive untouched (when it comes to this part of my PC I'm a bit paranoiac- The recovery partition is too important-loosing the it may require the purchase of another windows installation disc...recovery CD for acer (for 20 bucks) no please )
Ya thats the thing I do not have a external CD/DVD drive I can hook up lol.
No there was recovery discs to speak of.
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Thank you

Read the full Faq i found for your Acer laptop.

Restore system to factory default settings

Select this option to restore the computer to its original state. All previously installed programs and data stored will be lost. When this option is selected, the computer will restart and restore the system from the image on the hidden partition on the disc.

I should be good to go with a back up then... according to that.
I dont want to reformat... just reset to default right, so...

Thanx groove and sprinkles!