Inspiron 1525 by Dell DOA motherboard

Jaypen - Jan 19, 2010 at 11:38 AM
 ALICIA. B. - Jan 28, 2010 at 08:29 PM

A month after my laptops (dell inspiron 1525) warranty expired, it shut down and won't turn on. Talk to tech guys from India, he wanted to do diagnostics I told him how? when I can't even turn it on. He said that I can ship it back but I have to pay almost $400 for them to look at it. I took it to a local computer repair found out the motherboard is dead. How can it be when the computer was only a year old and look so new and well taken care of.
I was so disgusted and so disappointed with Dell. Now i am using a borrowed 6 year old HP Pavilion it works but doesn't have the web cam and the speed of my old-new Dell. I wanted to buy another one but doesn't know where to turn can't afford the expensive Mac that everybody said is good. I spent almost a grand on my Dell Inspiron1525.

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Funny, same happened to mine. Though my is going on three years. But I've had problems with it after only having it for about 8 months or so. I believe my mother board died because of the heatsink and cooler fan. Because it was over-heating and consistently shutting its-self off. I think it finally just fried something on the motherboard.

I hated talking to the people at dell. I tried OVER AND OVER to explain to the man that I could not do a diagnostic because it wouldn't boot up properly. See with mine. I able to power it on, but 2 seconds later the fan and everything cuts off and just the led to the power light remains on.

I was told by dell like they told you that it would cost me roughly around 300-400 dollars, plus their labor fee, etc. Sorry but why in the world would I pay that much when I can buy a brand-new system for that? I just -purchased a nice computer system (laptop) for my mother. It was on sale nd cost about what they wanted me to pay to get it fixed.

I noticed with this model, the heat-sink is crappy and a lot of people complained about that. And the speakers. Which were sh**. Oh well. I'm going to buy a cheap use-or-new motherboard online and try fixing this myself.