Removable Drive disappearing when copying

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everytime I connect anything to the usb drive area, whether it's a usb camera or phone or a flash drive, whatever- it appears for a few seconds and then disappears. If I don't touch the removable disk folder it remains connected, if I try to open anything on the drive, or copy something to the drive the drive will disappear and then an error message will pop up saying the file cannot be copied/read and the device will disappear from my computer and then later reappear and the autoplay functions will come again, as though i took the drive out and put it back in again (I haven't)

My HP laptop is about a month old and i'm running Windows Vista.

Please tell me what's wrong. I really don't want to reboot my computer- it's brand new!


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it says in the error message
F:/ refers to a location that is unavailable.... Check to make sure the disk is properly inserted..." blah blah blah

Thank you

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Same issue happens to me, the weird thing is that the drive will allow me to copy files to it, but I can't copy from it because it will dissapear, and I/O error follows after it dissapears.
Happening with me as well... but works with other windows 7 laptop? go figure.
I am having this problem is well. My usb ports are fine because other usb equipment including usb storage works fine. I have a freecom 8gb pen drive which recently began to disappear when copying data from it. If i copy data to it then its fine. It also no longer works in my ps3. Appreciate any help.