I cant see the video [Solved/Closed]

 Khalysto -
my Windows Media Player is not playing my downloads I can hear the audio? but I cant see the video?
but it will play music videos but will not play movie or shows please help

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Okay, def NOT PC savvy, but Windows XP + Windows Movie Maker + DivX and I still can't see any sort of visual. What am I missing? Probably a new PC, haha, but a little help, please!
u might install the k-lite codec pack and u can see the videoma
try to install k-lite mega codec pack
wow thanks sooooooooooooooooooo much it works, ur a genious !
I have the opposite problem.

I can see the video but there is no audio.

Any suggestions ???


I am using xp sp2 and wmp11. It can play .wmv files but can not play streaming .wmv files any idea how to play such files?
If you have an AVI video that is playing in windows media player but you cant see the picture but the hear the audio... than you could trying playing the video in Windows Media Player and the click on the drop box under 'now playing' and go to 'enhancements' then click 'video settings' then click 'reset'..... that my work.... it did for me
I had the same problem...all I did was switch back from 32 bits to 16 bits on the display properties and its working fine.

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