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I am having trouble with the recording device. I have tried everything I read in this forum, and even more. I have deleted my recording device by mistake and I am having a hard time retrieving it. It says that the audio output and every other device is working properly. So it basically says everything in the sound card is working, but my microphone won't work because it can't detect a recording device. I am using a Sony VAIO VGN-FE48G/H with windows vista. I can't even find the model of my laptop on the sony website to download drivers, even though it's quite recent. Help will be appreciated.

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Hiya, the same thing has happened to me, i'm using the Sony Vaio cr31s, and I seriously can't find any way to fix it. Would the only way to sort it out be to wipe the laptop clean and start over? I have the discs?

Had the same prob with an AR51M. Solution is to dowlnoad the latest audio drivers from the VAIO site. Good luck.

i was having the same problem I solved it by disable the phone line so the microphone was ready automatically
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Sorry, this is not helping me. I have a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 USB interface that I use for recording. I've installed the correct drivers to my Sony Vaio laptop. The computer sees that the correct drivers are installed. However, it absolutely will NOT recognize the interface as a recording device. How do I get this to work? Is there a way to manually add a new recording device and then select it? I don't want to use the built-in microphone. I want to use this interface that I have attached to a professional vocal mic. Can anyone help me??