Acer aspir 5100 keybrd and mouse problem

 Juanita -
i have acer 5100 and I can't use the keyboard and the mouse (in os and out of it) so I can't boot and do a safe mode and tryed to but usb keyboard and it's dsnt work ... sooo anyone can help me plz ?

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ok folks

for those who have no keyboard / mouse etc.... take the big cover of the bottom that covers the memory / cpu etc...

then remove the ram and you will see a jumper named "J2" cross this with a flat screwdriver then turn your machine on. This will reset the bios, Hopefully this will reset the keyboard etc.... However this did not work for me but did reset the bios.
I then inserted a usb pcmcia and was able to use a usb keyboard, I then downloaded the latest bios update and installed it.

yip he machine has worked mint with no problems for over 6 months!!!

This is a bios problem that acer no about but is easilly sorted with an update "if you can use your keyboard!!!"
Thank you

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There is nu jumper there
yes it is.
thanks daza
i solved my problem press F8 and restore the good configuration settings
Thanks, my keyboard works now (Aspire 5100)
And touchpad :)
Had the same problem ...Removed Hard Disk and Booted system...Then Shutdown and reistall the hard disk...

the problem solved
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U can boot your OS by simply shutting it off........wait about 45 secs and then start it again.
> barny543
I had the same exact problem. I tried holding the power down and restarting, taking the battery out and booting from the PS, holding down the esc + cntrl .... basically everything under the sun that you will find in this forum or others about this problem (which is common!). I even bought a PCMCIA USB 2.0 card and tried that (anyone wanna buy it?)

Here's how I fixed mine...

first off, after I tried everything, I gave up! Then I took the HD out to copy data before scrapping the laptop. I noticed that when I would plug the laptop into my desktop at work I would get a error about there being to much positive charge on the USB device (I have a USB dongle for 2.5" drives). I tried it on my laptop and it would cause it to reboot whenever I plugged it in. So I tried to boot the Aspire with out the HD, and was happily surprised that the keyboard functioned fine!! I replaced the HD, reinstalled windows, and I am loading the drives now.

To anyone whois has the same proble, take a second before you spend any money, and pop the HD out of the laptop. Then see if you can access the bios when booting... if you can, then you know that your keyboard is fine and that you have a bad HD on your hands.

Good luck!!
> plan9
How do I remove the HD?
> barny543
excellent tip. thank you for sharing to us. my acer mouse now works excellent!
> barny543
your info on the mouse track problem was SO helpful, thank you so much! I was freaking out about something so stupid and dumb!
Found thread somewhere where people tryiing all kinda of things. I started with easiest first no keyboard, mouse (externals did not work, so no USB) no screen afert a few boot attempts. First thing tried from long list worked when turn on hold ATL+TAB and then press the F10 key all at same time. Booted working an placed a fan under it just in case heat issue. I did bump the corner of it top left where the wire attaches to the LCD but ??? Idk just the keystrokes worked so :-/ ok then.
tried everything; remove the HD and boot, still no access to the keyboard, I bought a pcmcia USB 2.0, but I don't know how to install it because I don't have keyboard and touchpad. I tried every boot cd but I can only have access to keyboard and touchpad in linux ubuntu 6.10, and I can't install wine to run the bios update...
i had the same problem but my pcmcia usb card worked when I rebooted. try leaving it in your unit and powering it on while it's in the card slot. I am using my usb keyboard and mouse as I type :-) if you have vista it should automatically recognize it because I could not use the driver disk that came with the pcmcia card because I did not have a keyboard working to click on :-(
> RyderWifee
I have the same problem with acer aspire 5110,no usb keyboard and touchpad working.I was trying to put PCMCIA to work on XP but no work,becouse I needed to install the drivers and I can't use the mouse and keyboard.So I put VIsta on my hard drive on another PC,transfer the hard drive yestarday and now i'm gonna try to put the PCMCIA and to see if I can get it work without installation of the drivers,if vista is gonna recognize the hardware itself.If this don't work neither i'm willing to try just one more thing with EXPRESS CARD to USB convertor,i haven't try this befoure but I read someware that it doesan't need an instalation becouse is plug and play device so that is my last option becouse non of the repair shops could solve the problem.!!!! After that if this works i'll install the new update for BIOS to see how will do.
It has nothing to do with a bad hard drive. It's a software issue. There's apparently an update from Microsoft that causes the touchpad and keyboard to stop responding. There is supposedly a fix on Acer's website for this. Anyone have a link to it??
I had all of the above symptomns and trawled through the forums for 3 weeks and ended up asking Acer directly and they came back with answer. I was doubtful at first 'cause my keyboard wasn't doing anything but it worked.

1 Ensure all Data is backed up, all data will be deleted.
2 Please ensure that all USB storage devices are removed before starting the recovery process
3 Restart machine
4 When your unit switches back on, wait for the ACER screen then hold down alt & tap f10 repeatedly..
5 Please wait a moment until prompted, -How would you like to restore?-
6 Please select -Restore system to factory default-
7 Enter your defined password or enter six zeros '000000'
8 Click ok
9 Please wait until process completed, this will take 45min - 1hour
my laptop is aspire 1640z .i apply alt+f10 big sound but not working
have the same problem than u all, done everything u said and nothing. bought a new HD, tried to boot without HD, but still no keyboard, mouse or USB, I only have all this with linux ubuntu 6.10 I think, can't install wine to emulate windows and update the bios, i'm desperate!!!
any ideas?
I work a complet day to fix the same problem first delete the touchpad driver, remove the battery, remove the memory under you will find two little pin prob it, reboot reinstall lastest drivers on acer web site and if it don't work make sure you have que windows 7 service pack 1 install, if not install it do all windows update updates, reinstaller touchpad driver it supose to work
i have the exact problem.
i forgot the gel tube beside the heat. then I fell as sleep. after that I saw something bad on the screen, I just turned off by the button. I started it again and I could not use the keyboard and mouse and usb. I thought the problem caused because I forgot the gel tube beside the heat, the heat could not come out and something got burn inside.
i went to a store to fix. they told me I have to replace a new mother board. it cost me too much money. right now I put it at home. but i'm not sure the problem on the motherboard. i'm trying to get some information before I sell it.
give me some ideas plz !
how do you do with your acer 5100 now ?
so I've got it working with a pcmcia card but now what?? is there a patch I can download to fix the problem to get the actual keyboard and mouse pad working?
Hey guys..

I am running into the same problem.. just a heads up.. DO NOT download the latest 3.05 or 3.10 BIOS from Acer's website unless you are running XP.

I was running windows vista home premium... I thought my hard drive failed when my keyboard and mouse wasn't working so I got a new hard drive and installed vista ultimate.

Everything was fine until I decided to download the new windows updates.. boom.. crashed the computer.. and lost my mouse and keyboard again.

If possible.. use your system restore and go back to a time before you installed the new windows updates. If not.. time to go one by one on the windows updates and uninstall them.. as much as possible.

This will get you back to the original Windows setup that will not hurt your BIOS

I was able to buy one of those USB to Card Bus adapters and plug in a USB laptop and mouse. Upon first start up the keyboard and mouse would not work. The screen popped up to the windows log in screen and neither the mouse or keyboard would work. After several minutes the keys on the keyboard lit up.. so I'm assuming windows had to install the CardBus adapter and install the new keyboard and mouse. From there I was able to log into windows and remove the windows updates.

The USB keyboard and mouse are inactive until Windows loads up.. so I can not hit F2 or reset the BIOS or anything like that.

Hopefully the Acer mouse and keyboard will be functional after the removal of the updates.

NOTE - ACER will charge $59 for a 30 min phone session.. so they are useless.
> Ryan
I've tried a USB to card Bus, but still no use...won't recognise in XP nether in linux system because I have to install USB to Card bus drivers and I haven't mouse or keyboard...

I have an Acer Apsire 5515 and on the rare occasion my keyboard doesn't work, even with a restart, I just shut it down and remove the battery for about 30 sec. to a minute. Every time after I do that it reads the keyboard and works just fine. I don't know if that will help you but taking a laptops battery out (while turned off) always seems to help a lot of problems.