My G4 Keeps on freezing, Help pls

Kay - Nov 4, 2008 at 11:23 AM
 blake - Oct 3, 2009 at 04:13 PM
I have a G4 which my friend gave to me many years back before she left the UK. The problem is each time I turn my mac on the grey screen appears, sometimes for a very long period. Not at all times will the admin screen appear asking for password. Sometimes the screen will appear blue and stay blue with nothing else appearing.
When it does and I enter my password the mac loads but then crashes. I could be in the middle of a word doc and the same thing happens. I spoke to a friend who told me that I needed the original G4 Disc, which I do not have. I require assistance. Thank you for your help as I'm without a computer which is driving me crazy lol

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I highly doubt that that problem is because of a bad power supply. For example, if you're in Word and the whole system freezes, it's probably bad RAM, bad logic board or your CPU. You can use memtest to check RAM. Logic board and CPU problems are harder to diagnose and spare parts are only on eBay. A lot of people now share your same problem of a freezing G4 with no real solutions. But, of course it can be repaired. It's a computer.
i got an ibook G4 which freezed only one account after boot, i'm lucky whith other account that i created for the family, but is kind the strange that i just got freeze on one? do you have any recomendation about this i will apreciated you, thank you for your support.
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Nov 4, 2008 at 08:39 PM
The power supply is probably failing - it's a very old system and that's the first part to fail. Bad news is Mac power supplies are not something you pick-up at the corner Computer Repair shop. Good luck in finding a shop that repairs Macs.
Hello, I would suggest checking your computer boards inside. One of them has a small battery that often leaks and damages the board resulting in the common problem of Macs freezing up evertime their turned on. Unfortunately is this is the problem the repair is pretty expensive; depending on your model you might get off chealper buying a new computer.
Thak you all for the suggestions. I have given up on the Mac, however I have another issue.

My ipod does not seem to work with vista. What can I do, as I would like to keep all music and photos from the ipod, however I don't have a mac computer to save them to. Please help
Simple.. The iPod was formatted with a Mac drive format. The iPod should have it's contents copied off on another Mac using a third party utility (there are many). Then reformat the iPod for MSDOS formats with Disk Utility before attempting to connect it to a windows machine.
well just let it sit or press the menu and the middle button for 30 seconds