HP Keyboard buttons not rsponding

I have recently bought Hp Pavillion m9365 uses Vista computer but after 1 week the side buttons for email, internet, search etc dont respond (left side of the keboard) and neither does the cd functions buttons on the right side of the keyboard) work
I have restored it and then they work but when shut down and start up again they dont work again HP said they take around 4 mins to kick in due to separate drivers but now they dont work.
Also the numl ock caps scroll indicator that lights up blue when pressed on keeps dissapearing too and I have to keep going into recovery manager to reinstall each time the ON SCREEN CAPSNUMSCROLL LOCK INDICATOR
My keyboard is wirelss and the volume and sleep buttons do work the othe side ones simply dont respond when pressed my keyboard S/N is CZ75010901


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Apparently, taking out the battery, pressing the power button for a few seconds, and replacing it will reset the
motherboard, this works on DELL laptops, but I thought I'd post now for others who, like me, don't know the
right place to go to find an answer.
Thank you

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I had the same problem with my HP Compaq 8710w. This trick with battery works! Thank you very much.
damn... I thought lets give it a try.. the multimedia buttons on my pavililon dv6 werent working but this did the trick thanks a lot =D
this worked. thanks for doing what the hp tech support would only do for $100

took about 10 seconds for the power button to reset it.
OMG thank you! It worked!! This has been annoying me for ages!! Thank you so much !!
Many Thanks from the future..2013..worked like a charm Thank You!!!!
it's possible your Human Interface Device service is set on "manual" instead of automatic. go check that in the list of services in task manager. If Human Interface Device is "stopped", your buttons won't work. Start it, set it to "automatic".
You need to reinstall kbd.exe. Go to HP support page and download
omg, ur a lifesaver! I've tried replacing batteries, restarting computer, and tried other methods from the internet..nothing worked, until now! I don't have a DELL, but a Sony Vaio and it worked! YAY for naahnaahnaah!
I also have the hp pavillion pc with the same wireless multimedia keyboard and the volume control buttons(only) are not working . I would really like to know how 3433 solved the problem.
Also which power button this refer to? the pc power button or the connect button on the keyboard??
I also noticed pressing the volume control & mute button on my keyboard shows up the volume bar on the screen but the volume does not increase or decrease or mute.. the volume bar keeps showing up as I press these buttons..Do I need to try the replacement trick or does someone know some specific solution??
i also have hp laptop. it was working just well. but since yesterday suddenly my 5 keys stopped working.. can any one help my problem!!