Dell Inspiron laptop will not start up

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Hello, recently I have just switched the hard disk of one of my inspiron laptop to another laptop, also an inspiron. However, I have encounter some problem.

"When you press the power button, If your laptop powers on, the lcd panel is pitch black blank screen, not even back light power, no dell startup screen, you hear the fan spin up, you hear the hard disk spin up, in this state one of the 3 LED lights blinks for 7 seconds (I think numeric keypad), and then if everything switches off silent. The only LED on after that would perhaps be the battery charging indicator. it could be a memory DIMM gone bad, If you have two dimms try one, then the other to confirm"

That is the description of the problem. When I go online, they suggest that my memory DIMM might be spoilt. May I ask, How then can I solve this problem? Is it a hardware problem whereby parts of the laptop needed to be changed or?

Thank you for your reply.

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Jun 7, 2009 at 09:42 AM
I had this issue, did some research on internet, did not find fix that I discovered for me, might not work for everyone, but could hear the startup sounds, as a normal startup but screen remained blank/black and the power buttons seemed to go into hibernate mode, so shut it down manually with off button, removed the battery and turned it on and discovered it came on normally every time, tested several startups, went into power settings on lap top set all to "never", put batter back in and it boots up normally and screen comes on normal now. Accidental discovery no guarantee it will work for everyone but it worked for me!Still need a solution for this problem?
Thanks Leatherneck!
Dell C800, removing the battery and restarting it with power supply
only definitely works. I tried all the standby and hibernate options and
they had no effect so I think they are not part of the problem,

When you have a no POST its always a good idea to start with the
the memory chips.

To eliminate a display problem, connect an external monitor.

Listen closely to the harddrive. You dont need it to POST to a
bios, but it will indicate whether it is a power supply or motherboard
jonny vincent
Apr 22, 2011 at 05:33 AM
Amazing. Thanks Leatherneck! I tried your solution almost feeling foolish at myself for trying it, now I feel foolish at myself for feeling foolish.

Thanks dude!
leatherneck, you are the best!! Thanks a million babe!!
Wow it worked. Felt the need to leave a thank you feed back. Who knows if I would have found a solution to my question and how long it would have taken. U the man. Thanks again.
hey it did work for me for me for a month now its back into same old problem. Anyways, thanks for your tip :-)
*Take out the battery,
*Remove main supply,
*Hold power button down for 30 secs,
*Put only power supply in, do not put battery in
*Turn laptop on
*Put the battery in.
I found this message thread as I was looking for a solution to the same problem: An old Dell Latitude D500 stopped powering on and booting.

With a charger and fully-charged battery (checked the LEDs on the pack), pressing the power button would cause the power and hard drive LEDs to light. The floppy LED would flash about 8 or 9 times, then all the LEDs would go out and the charging LED would light.

I removed the two memory SO-DIMMs (under the 'M' panel on the bottom) and carefully used a pencil eraser on the gold contacts.

After I put the memory back and buttoned it all up, it worked fine again.

I have a Dell Inspiron 4150, which seems to power on, but after a few seconds it dies out. The fan doesn't come on at all. I did open up the unit and cleant the dust on the fan, but didn't work. I will try to remove the SO-DIMMS and clean it, but can you tell me where to find them and how do they look?

I have the same problem as DellHell... My dell inspiron 1521 had low battery and went off. I charged it fully but when I put it on it powers on for a few seconds then goes off again. I think the power supply to the motherboard gets cut off...can anyone help me

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Jan 21, 2010 at 12:50 PM

Thanks for the help.
I did lots of experiments and other crazy things(Completely dis assembled my laptop Del inspiron 6000 till microprocessor and assembled it) which did not work. Lastly I did lots of research in the net and found your solution which got solved.

Thank you very very much.

Chandra Prakash
I had the same problem with my Inspiron 1545 laptop. Screen blackout, no power up, but the fan and the dvd rom was running. I just removed the SO-DIMM and gently cleaned them with a pencil eraser. It worked fine again. I had to repair my Vista though.
Thanks Jim,
same problem on Dell 1545 laptop
Your solution worked ... cleaned SO-DIMM ... but did not have to fix Vista.
Spray1969 > Gerry
Dec 19, 2009 at 09:11 AM
This worked for me,wasnt getting beyond f1/f12 first page option so hit f1 (quickly,whilst option is on screen!). Picked memory test, when finished it attempted restart which then offered me start up repair option, ran that then all was ok. Not very technical but worked for me, thought I'd shre it with you.
Inspiron 1545. Screen fritzed, and would not turn on afterwards. Fan whirred for a couple seconds, but screen stayed blank.
Switched the RAM cards around (and later removed the one that isn't working) and now it works, albeit with only 2GB of ram.
Now I have to find out whether it's the card's problem, and I simply need to drop $50 for a new one online, or some deeper problem such as the slot or something else buried in the bowels of the computer...
Fnally, a Recent thread on this subject...
There's 2 different power issues on Inspiron 2500/8100/8200 Laptops I have seen.

I have been re-building working machines from about 40-odd dead ones, so I probably have seen almost oll the issues by now.

One is using under-powered chargers (70watts from a 2500/8100) on an 8200, which wants a 90watt charger. The 70watt will charge the batteries on an 8200, but if you run the computer with it the machine will operate using your Battery Mode energy saving settings. Not a catastrophe. Just go into the BIOS setup and set the batter mode settings to all the max settings. Just remember you did that if you DO operate on betteriy, because it will drain faster.

The second is a little harder. Under the palmrest, right behind the touchpad, is the batter charger/power circuit board. The "stud" that this screws into easily breaks free from the motherboard, and the board gets loose. The bext wat to fix it is to take apart the machine, epoxy it back on, and re-assemble. The card has 1 screw and is also held by one of the palm screws that passes thru it. Don't use crazy glue!!! Please. That junk dries-out and falls apart on non-porous materials. Use Epoxy.

You have to remove the keyboard (4 screws) and palmrest (8 screws) AND the display (3 screws) to really get in there. Also the video card is you have one of the accelerator cards like an nVidia (3 screws).
The 3rd screw on the video also uses that same stud, so it MIGHT just spin. If so, pull out the video card, and lift the power board up with it. Hold the stud with pliers to remove the screw.

CAUTION: There SHOULD be a spacer on the Left screw hole of the power/charger board. I looks like the stud, but has no internal threads. It Usually stays stuck to the charger, but not always. So make sure it's not rattling around in the machine. Also don't mix them up... Give the epoxy time to dry before re-assembling.

This is a good time to blow-out the dust on the CPU cooling fins, too...

If it still won't power-up, the motherboard has issues, and it's not worth fixing unless you have free access to parts. Sell it for parts on eBay, or buy another dead one and Frankenstein them together. Like I have been doing...

I have a solution to your problem.
My inspiron 3800 does the same thing.
This is a very fragile process though.

Ok before we begin,

Lets begin,
Close your laptop.
Remove the battery(ies).
Turn your laptop upside down.
Get a screwdriver. (Phillips)
Unscrew the screws labeled K
Touch something metal to relieve you of static
Open your laptop
Now carefully and gently remove the keyboard.
To do this gently put your fingernail under one of the end keys on the keyboard (Right arrow key, right shift, enter, \, backspace, Page down, Page up, Left ctrl, left shift, caps lock, tab, ~, esc) and very carefully pull it up.
You cant completely remove the keyboard because there are some ribbon cables connecting it.
If you want you can disconnect them.

Now for the repair.
Find all of the connections as you can. (Some are little white connections with little with heads and a wire coming of the head.
disconnect all of the plugs and reconnect them.
Remember to push hard.
Now put the keyboard back in.
Insert the battery(ies)...
And hope for the best.
Worked for me.
Hey dude check ur power cord, mine wouldn't show anything and my keyboard would not turn on, but after changing the power cord everything seemed to work.
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You can try to remove one of the RAM cards it you have two.
Avans Technologies Inc.
Apr 8, 2010 at 08:35 PM
I have seen this problem on several of these laptops. Sometimes one of the two memory slots goes bad (somehow). Try removing one stick, if that doesn't work, put it back in and remove the second stick.
You are the man... That worked for me. Bad memory slot...
Yeah, That almost ALWAYS works, and if the computer is beyond repair you can use the old RAM to upgrade another computer if it fits the slot
thanks, I had the little plastic mother board cover stuck in the memory slot. I now boots fine.
OMG I took the ram out and back in and it is now working, I am shocked omg thanks
hi there the problem is the memory just change it for another one .... Monty from mexico.
I had same thing.

Solved by changing RAM.
The same thing happened with my computer and I had my screen replaced. Having my screen replaced was cheaper than I thought total cost was $110 including tax and labor.

I have this inspiron dell laptop that does not boot. when I power it, it displays a windows error recovery page that suggests start up repair and that it is recommended.when I go for the option, the screen goes black blank. I dont know what to do next. qany help please.

windows vista
I've just had exactly the same problem on an Inspiron 1545, after a while I thought the system was not actually doing anything so I powered down and on the second attempted it started normally, I have only had the laptop a week and this is the second one which is displaying similar problems;
Same problem with my dell inspiron e1505.
Gave it to local technician, and he says its a motherboard problem, some chip is not functioning properly...
is this possible??
should I get it replaced??
Had the same response from a local repair tech on daughters Inspiron1501,went to Dell tech to find out it was a graphix card.Replaced it works fine now.
Use Leathernecks method IF YOU HAVE THE SAME SYMPTOMS! Worked a treat for me!
Took out battery and it started right up. Thanks for the help.
Removal of the Li-Ion battery in my Dell 7500 Inspiron also worked for me. I suspect that the battery will no longer hold a large enough charge to facilitate start-up on the battery. Thanks for sharing!
Would it be okay to use the power cord that came with my dell 1545 on my old dell 8600? I don't want to damage anything and I think the cord on the 1545 is more powerful.
you may have to switch out the ram and try diffarent sequences. Like taking one of the ram sticks out then try it
dell inspiron 1525 hard disk was changed