Booting up sometimes

 silky johnson -
i have an asus a8nsli deluxe running a amd fx processor, sli nvidia 6800 cards and coarsair ram. when i first boot up i havent been seeing the bios (sometimes) then after the win xp screen it stays black...I can tell that it continues to boot, but the screen stays black. I force restart and it does the same thing. I manually shut it off via power supply switch then go through the start up process again and it most likly works. sometimes i have to do this a couple times for it to turn on, then when it gets to the desk top it takes forever to get to a point where I can run programs. the computer was working fine about a week ago and then this suddenly started happening. I'v updated the drivers for the graphics cards, but i think the last windows update screwed things up cause it seems like the problems came after the update but I'm just not certain of that....anybody have any suggestions?

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Sounds more like a hardware problem.

well today it booted up fine, but i made sure to turn off the power supply first....this thermal take 680w has always had issues and is my second one. maybe it's that....but why when booting, when it reaches the desktop, it takes much longer than before. I tried to bring up the task manager, but until it gets going, say after 3 min, i cant see what program is requiring the processor.