How do I get my SD Card off write-protect!? [Solved/Closed]

ChelseyLoo - Jun 16, 2010 at 11:03 AM - Latest reply:  yohanis
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I have a serios problem that I need fixed asap so please HELP!
My SanDisk SD card is write-protected I have put it in several different camera's and it is write-protected in all of them. If I take the card out then the cameras the cameras work fine, but I have no memory because the SD card is write-protected. It will not let me delete or take pictures. I am a photographer and I dont have the money to go buy and new SD card so please. How can I get my SD card of write-protect?

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jack4rall 6505 Posts Sunday June 6, 2010Registration dateSecurity contributorStatus December 30, 2015 Last seen - Jun 16, 2010 at 11:46 AM
Thank you
if you are unable to write on SD Memory card, click on this link and follow the instructions

If you lost your Micro SD-Card password, then click on this link and follow the instructions

Thank you, jack4rall 40

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omg thank you so much, I was going crazy trying to figure out this same problem and you helped me too, thank you :D I would have never have check my memory card itself for the lock switch lol I thought it was on the cam itself lol THANK YOU :)
UNFORTUNATELY nothing happened in my case.I think I have to call customer care.
Thank you , thank you,You guys do a great job INDEED. thanks......................
thanks a lot.
How simple was that????
i have been going mad trying to resolve this issue & it took 2 seconds!!!!

Thank you