Unable to Write on Secure Digital(SD) Memory card

A Secure Digital card or SD card made by SDA is a memory card format that is used for portable devices.In mobile phones, cameras and computers, this non-volatile memory card format is often used. Data loss on the SD cards is prevented by a write-protect switch on the card. This switch can prevent data being written onto the card. This problem can be solved easily. The switch needs to be turned off </gras> and only then the user will be able to write on the card.

What is an SD Card

Secure Digital is a memory card format developed for portable devices. This type of memory card is used in mobile phones, cameras and computers. The SD memory card has a "write protect" switch to reduce the risk of data loss. However this switch prevents you from writing data to the card.

How to Write on an SD Card

  • To enable writing on the SD memory card, you should turn off the write protect lock by pressing the small switch backwards (see the image below).

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