Lost Password to MicroSD Card

MicroSD cards are compact, space-saving memory devices that are compatible with most modern devices. Because of this, if ever a user loses the password to his or her microSD card, it can turn into quite a stressful production, as access to data is automatically blocked.

This article will explain two quick ways to regain the password to your memory card and how to proceed with a password reset.

Unlock a MicroSD Card

Go to the file manager on your mobile phone. Then, head to Settings > System Folders. Find a file called mmcstore, and send it to your computer using Bluetooth.

Next, use Notepad to open your file. The password for your memory card is located within that file.

Another possible method includes you inserting your card into your phone without accessing it. Run FExplorer, and open the C:\system file path.

Find the file called mmcstore, and rename it as mmcstore.txt. Copy the .txt file to your PC, and open it in Notepad.

Your password will be located within that file.

N.B. MicroSD card users can place the card into any E-series mobile or N95 and format it. It will not ask for a password.

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