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my hp pavillion dv6500 laptop booting very slow

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Dear Sir,

Please check whether your system is not overloaded or still if your RAM or virtual memory is too low.


Click on the "Start" menu. Select "Run." Type "msconfig" into the "Run" box (without the quotation marks) and click on the "OK" button. This will open the Microsoft System Configuration utility, or MSConfig.

Click on the "Startup" tab in the main MSConfig window. This will present you with a listing of all of the programs that are currently loading on startup.

Click inside the box to the left of the name of a program that is loading on startup to remove the check mark. By removing the check mark, you are telling your computer that you don't want that particular program to load on startup anymore.

Repeat this process with the rest of the programs in the listing that you don't want to load on startup.

Press the "OK" button to save your changes. Now, when your laptop computer reboots it will not take the time to load these programs. This will ultimately increase the speed at which your laptop boots up and also improve performance in general.