Sharper Image Movie Projector and laptop? [Closed]

 KC -

I want to use my Sharper Image Entertainment Projector, model# EC-PJ10, to display netflix movies from my Acer netbook. What type of adapter/connector do I need? The projector uses rca cables, so I bought an adapter that has the red/white/yellow plugs for the rca cables and the other end has the 15 pin monitor plug, but it does not work. The display is blank. HELP! Thank you.


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Did you activate the external monitor plug for the laptop. You should have a Function key that activated it.

Good Luck
Use a swell converter I guess model no 2300 something worth 34 bucks, comes with all wires n works like charm
try right clicking on your desktop and click screen resolution and then go to the bottom somewhere and it should say connect to projector .not sure if that will work but worth a try I guess I didnt get a chance to try it myself but comment back and tell how it goes.

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