Acer Aspire X3200 desktop power issues

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Was wondering if anyone could help me out with my desktop. Came back off holiday and my desktop wouldnt power up. Unplugged the whole tower and when i plugged it back in, it automatically started. On Start up i was able to type in my password then the screen went funny and the lights went out. Pressing the power button again won't switch it on. Only when i unplug the power cord out of the back and put it back in, will it turn on again without hitting the power switch and without pressing the power on button. This process keeps repeating itself. Took the casing off and looked at the power button but it works fine.

Does anyone have any solutions to this problem ?

The desktop is over a year old and i've had no problems with it in the past. Warranty has ran out too.

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See if you have dust and crap inside the computer it could be overheating and the power supply is burning out. let the power cord stay unplugged for a few minutes let it discharge the computer.