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im trying to finally play online and I keep on connecting the connection cord to my laptop wich is runin to the wireless router wirelessly and it wont work it keeps sayin the attempt to obtain IP address timed out what does that mean and what do I hAVE to do help me pleeeaaassee

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you need to go into the properties for your wifi connection and check the box enable internet connection sharing for this connection
I cant seem 2 get online on some games can u tell me wat the problem could be

doug, on Friday February 13, 2009 11:35:25 PMYou need to go into the properties for your wifi connection and check the box enable internet connection sharing for this connection
I cant seem 2 get online on some games can u tell me wat the problem could be

You need to go into the properties for your wifi connection and check the box enable internet connection sharing for this connection

mine says:
internet connection-succeded
playtation network-failed

so does mine dude
on the ps3
Try turning off UPNP Setting during wireless connection attempt. Ours couldn't find an AP address

all u have to do to get on psn and play games online is get a netgear wirless router wich costs around £50 I have 2 laptops and my desktop pc runnin thru my network both laptops are connected wirlessly and my ps3 is wirless connected and my signal strengh on all is 100% I neva have problems playin online games its got to be the cheapest and easiest way possible all u need is a broadband connection a netgear wireless router and your ps3 and ur laughin...theres no need for all this crossin lan cables n shizzle this is the easiest,cheapest and most effective way possible..
I've had the same problems my self and I know what its like.
depending on how good your connection is you may not be able to reach other people's playstations online files if they're on the other side of the world.

on some newer games you will be able to choose what region you're in and have a better connection overall.
Once chosen you can also choose which other areas of the world. also depending how far away it is you may not be able to reach that far of distance without the PSN kicking you offline.
TO play online on ps3, you'll need these stuff: ps3, controller, ethernet cord ( u might have one on your computer ) wireless router ( if your ethernet cord is long enough to get to your computer, you have to buy that which might cost about well a $100.) If u dont want the router but u have a modem of ethernet connection somewhere on your computer hardrive, the only thing that might be difficult is you have to move your computer somewhere near a tv with your ethernet connected to the ps3.
Games that can be played online can be useful if u have internet connection which u are playing all over the world!

Easy way: if u have a labtop, it might be easier cause it portable and you can still play online if u have ethernet connection.

If u have any questions: Email Id removed for security, or call customer support which I have no idea what is the phone number.

Other to get help: go to where ps3 are bought like target or best buy.

if you are done and you have the things to play online, Start playing and enjoy! :) :D
We just had the same thing - Try turning OFF upnp setting. That workes for us!
If you have had online before, try resseting your computer settings to a previous date, thus restoring your IP address to normal and internet connectivity is almost garunteed.

If your internet connection fails, try unplugiong everything, then repluging everything back in. If no success, try manually entering IP address' into the PS3. (This is for a wired connection)

A connecton or a DNS error for wireless means one thing and one thing only; your internet has limited or no connectivity. Or your firewalls are preventing your PS3 access.

Hope I helped
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Well, you're trying to directly connect to your laptop. Your PS3 may be able to connect to your wireless network instead. Connecting to your laptop won't work without a large set of settings being set. It would use your laptop as a router for your PS3, and in the process it would slow down your laptop a decent amount and limit the amount of bandwidth available to your PS3, so I suggest you either A) connect your PS3 to your router wirelessly, or B) Connect your PS3 to your router with a regular Cat5 Lan cable.

Let me know how this works or if you have issues, I have a PS3 myself and play online all the time.

PSN username: TheParoxysm
Okay Well I Got This Game Right It's Called(SOCOM U.S NAVY SEALS CONFRONATION) and it's only ONLINE for the ps3 and I don't no how to get on online its saying somthing like you need a certain thing but yeah I have no idea if I don't respond quick reach me at my email Email Id removed for security thanks again.
My ps3 has a good wi-fi connection, but when I was playing modernwarfare 2 online, its says im signed out (but I put auto-sign in on). So I did a connection test and the first two says its succeded but the third one(playstation network) said it failed. Im not sure why, but I need help plz, and try to make the response, well, more understandeable... because I know some few words of the ps3 that is required to play online. Like, router... if you know what I mean (im not smart on computer accesories).

And thx.
listen that happened to me on my psp go all you have to do is to put a sharpened pencil into the place that says RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS on your wireless router then it will work for your ps3 and your laptop.
Tim, the exact same thing is happening to me. My internet worked perfectly, until today. I tried to get online and the system told me to check my connection settings. So I did and the 2nd one(IP address) failed. I reset my router and tried again and now the 3rd one(PS network) failed. I can't log in my PSN account. I tried to access the internet and found that it was EXTREMELY SLOW! If anyone knows how to fix this, please don't hesitate to share.
Yeah me too !!

Since I played on the online mode in modern warfare 2 I 'm lagging ... !!
But it's very strange because my Internet connection is good : on my laptop it's excellent . On my ps3 , I receive the signal of the connection at 100 °/. But ! when I 'm connecting to the PSN it's lagging and when I play to Modern Warfare 2 ... that's horrible ... BUT ! it still says that I receive the signal at 100°/. !!!!
So my connection to the PSN and all the online games isn't really working ( well it's working ... but I can't play !! ) and Internet on ps3 seems good , I mean normal ; while on my other computers , Internet is working very well !!
Don't ask me , my ps3 is near the Internet box (it's wifi) and it used to work ... before ...a "long" time ago ;(

It's a bit crazy ...

Maybe more than a bit ...

A very long time ago I had to do this with my ps2 connected to my desktop that had a linksys wireless PCI card, because I was not near the router in my parents office. Now I'm using the same technique with my PS3 because of the lousy wireless chip in my PS3.
It's not complicated once you learn, I don't use ICS (internet connection sharing) if your using a laptop with a good wireless connection or desktop you can get a crossover cable, not the same as your regular ethernet cable. This allows you to directly connect another device without using another switch, hub, etc. Once you have the cable plug it into the PS3 go to your network adaptors in your control pannel ( this differs on your operating system but there mostly all in the same location ) now highlight both your wireless and Lan connections then right click and bridge the connections. If you can I would advise always using static ip's on each device since you will need to right click on the network bridge you just created and go to properties, then right click on the IPv4 protocol and click on properties or settings I honestly forgot which one it is, if I wasn't on my phone browsing the web I could tell you. Then change the automatic IP settings to manual, if it's a linksys router set a IP like assuming your not using 15 IP addresses. The subnet mask will auto set when you click on it, then for the DNS server you should enter your routers IP for the primary and will work with the 2nd DNS and that is the address that you connect to your router like the linksys is then apply those settings. Now on the ps3 end set it up as a wired connection and if you have any problem it most likely would be a IP conflict so make sure everything is cosher and that is what has worked wonders for me, no more disconnecting when playing madden online, or any other game.
The only thing other than this is to find the best wireless channel in the router settings but the best signal will not always be the best connection. That's something too complicated for most to understand in technical terms, so let's keep it simple and good luck my ps3 id is kaxx if you need any help just ask me.
you have to buy a router that has wi-fi and a modem then once you set them up you can wirelessly connect to the internet if you run the network setup on your ps3 but if you mess up 1 step while setting up the modem and/or the router it wont connect and if you dont know how to set them up theirs always the option of calling geek squad.
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