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Hi We have a new 1TB hard drive that we bought to replace our primary Hard drive. Could some one advise us about copying the files inc operating system over onto the new drive.
We do have a problem in so much that when we recovered some lost photos from the old drive we discovered deleted porn on the hard drive possibly from the last owner. So we dont want this copying over and need to be certain that the new hard drive is clean of any such stuff. This is one of the reasons we want rid of the old hard drive.
If somebody could advise the best way to be sure of doing this that would be great.

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Sep 30, 2010 at 07:06 PM
First you need to copy your windows and programs for that download Norton Ghost read the tutorial on how to make ghost
after making the ghost copy the ghost file to your new Hdd on the partition you want for windows
now dont boot the old hdd
boot the new hdd
but windows will not run since the file table is absent
so insert awindows 98 start-up disk in floppy drive
and run the ghost file placed in new hdd
it will take time to complete but this will work

how to make windows 98 start-up disk
insert a foppy drive
goto format in that create windows start-up disk and copy system files

after windows has been shifted you can copy paste other files into the new hdd