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Brandon - Jan 2, 2009 at 06:29 PM
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I live in an apartment complex that provides wireless internet via Linksys wireless router. I just recently purchased a Playstation 3 that uses wireless. My connection speed is at 30% because the walls are brick and the signal just doesn't come through all that great. Is there any kind of wireless internet receiver or something that is made for PS3 that will pull in that wireless internet signal stronger so that I will have a better internet strength? I am looking for something that I can either plug in to the PS3 or something I can set up in my apartment without having to connect directly to the wireless router itself.

Any advice/help is appreciated! Thanks a lot!


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What you are looking for is a repeater. Many AP (access points) can be used as repeaters. You just have to set them in that mode. Take a look at the Linksys ones, they are cheap and all you have to do is off set it to jump around your brickwalls rather than strait through good luck
I've owned a ps3 for 2 years now, and have so many stories with it, that I could go on for hours... but no there is not a way to increase ur internet speed for the wireless. your best bet is to either get an ethernet, or, go down to circut city, lol preferably cause there going mout of biz, and buy a wireless reciever and set up so it recieves from the other reciever. I personally use wireless, and I have it about 30 feet away, and get 100%, so ya....
also if u have any more questions, just add Topictwister, or Artickroker, to ur friends and ill rply to any questions....=)
So, when you say to get a wireless receiver, do I have to buy the same brand/type as the wireless router that my apartment complex uses? I'll do some more research on my own. Thanks for your answer! Those screen names that you told me to add...those your PS3 screen names?
Thanks for your reply. It turns out this whole time that my internet through this apt complex is DSL going through a linksys wireless router. I think my lags and disconnections are because of the DSL. I was thinking it was cable but noooo. I think I'm just out of luck. I tried using a range expander which gave me 100% signal, but I still have the same problems online. I guess cable or fios is the only reasonable answer for me!
LUDA > Brandon
Jan 5, 2010 at 07:12 PM
try facing it back ward and elevating it I some times get signals from half a mile away
actually just recently had a ps3 apart the antena in the back of the ps3 can be made longer and there are some methods to get a stronger signal strenght and the stronger signal you have the faster your internet is so id say yes
Apr 26, 2009 at 02:24 PM
That worked heaps good thanks
from 30% to now 60-70%
thanx heaps
where on the ps3 slim located
wat do you mean upward.?
what if ur signal strength is at or around one hundred, but u still only have one red bar for ur connection status
the holes are the usb ports and I have a ps3 slim and u get like 10 or 20 percent more signal strength on its side......However it also puts more work on the fan because even though they were made to do it its still not good for them it gets to hot.....i also suggest whichever way your ps3 stand u should still have another fan on it .
After all this time, I have found that bridging the connections (wireless to LAN) using the wireless through my laptop does the best job. Since the wireless pick up in a laptop is much stronger than in the PS3, I have had no trouble since doing it this way.
Hi Brandon,
I'm having the same issue with my PS3 connection and i'd like to try your "bridging idea." I have no idea how to do it though. Could you point me in the right direction?
Thank you,
razor > chubbyrain74
Feb 15, 2010 at 11:44 AM
try searching on youtube theres lots of tutorials on how to bridge your ps3 to your laptop/computer
PS3 WiFi Boost Seeker
Jan 12, 2010 at 10:15 PM
how do you use your wireless laptop router/receiver to bridge and connect through the ps3 to it like you say you do? can you tell me how to do this?
how do you do "bridging"

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wireless net connection is nothing but radio ways, the simplest method we use to increase the strenght of the radio frequency is to shorten the distance of the frequency is to add in a nR of extra atenna or something we commonly know as boosters.. the world has gone far ahead theres more than one way you can boost ur wireless frequency

Access Points
Wireless access points use multiple radio signal transmitters and receivers to give your network's signal a boost. They use MIMO, or multiple in and multiple out, technology along with reflection and amplification of radio waves to cover a much larger area than a standard router. Access points require a power supply and Ethernet connection.

Internal Boosters and Add-on Antennas
Internal boosters use the same MIMO technology as access points to boost reception. Router antennas can be screwed off and replaced with high gain antennas to boost the router's frequency range and reception. Antennas may be manipulated to open up the most unobstructed path--it works by line of sight--between the router and the computer's wireless card.

Powerline Models
Power-line signal extenders sends data between your computers and modem through your existing house electrical lines. Power-line models pass data between two extenders--one near the modem and one in a remote location. Power-line models use Ethernet, USB and Wi-Fi to communicate with your network's existing components, and electrical pulses to communicate between extenders. Data transferred over electrical lines travels faster than data sent via Wi-Fi. However, these devices are susceptible to interference from other devices plugged into the circuit.

Relays, or repeaters, receive radio waves from your router and "relay" them to give the signals an expanded range. The units contain an internal amplifier that simply receives the signal, strengthens it and passes it along. The practicality of these devices saves on wiring or additional modems.

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hey its cause I have ps3 but I want to put it online....but my desktop is downstairs how can I get signal
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo know's i;m the same I put mine down stairs and it did not work
turn your ps3 upwards it acts as an antenna. when I did this my signal strength went from 25-30% then wen I turned it upwards it then gave me 70-80% so walla. my neighbour uses netgear wireless and its a thumpin gooden to and there is no law to say its illegal otherwise they wud use a wep key + netgear can b activated by like 5 other computers near the area which is a bonus......
well if you like to jimmy rig things you can make a mini dish by taking aluminum foil and wrap it around a bowl so it is in the shape of the bowl. Set your router in the middle of the dish and make sure the antena is right in the center of the dish. It went from 30 to 80 and sometimes 100. It is a lame way of doing things but it works.
Well, this is just something I tried : Try moving your PS3 around. This may sound ghetto, but set it on a stand, put it on the floor, set it near a window, trust it should at least help
you need a U.FL-RSMA pigtail adaptor
open up the ps3 which is alot easier than you think, remove the power supply underneath is the miniwifi card, unplug theold connector (white cord) and plug in your new adaptor through one of the heatsinks and THEN plug in any basic wifi antenna and there you have it, a REAL PS3 antenna you can control and put wherever the signal is strongest, you can also buy higher end antennas that will boost the signal significantly. btw, this will void your warranty ofcourse.
move your ps3 out into the open an as far from your tv as possible
put your playstation infront a window
and risk waking up next morning seeing your window broken and ps3 gone? LMFAO! nty
are u sure using tin foil can fix this problmm????? my ps3 just have a low signal. I was playing metal gear onine and I shoot people around when 5 sec letter then my enemy router is far from my ps3. it must go through
Nov 27, 2012 at 04:24 PM
Did you play Us version of mgo ??
I have had the same problem with my ps3. The secret to getting your internet better is to buy a wireless router for your self!!!!!
wouls another router help even if ur getting one hundred percent signal? I get full signal from the internet connection test, but barely have a bar when I check my status
This is a good way to get better signal. I was having signal strength 60-70. this belive it or not, wouldnt support MAG. to get the signal up, place your PS3 in a higher location. If you put it ontop of a desk or ontop oy a shelfe you will get much better connectionthen if it is on the ground. now I get 95-100 signal strength. if your ps3 is along way a way from your modem bye a router. this should do the trick as well but it will cost you.

So remember, get that ps3 up high.
year well that dosn't work cos I used to have it like that and it didnt work so .... bad idea
no, it works for me. I had 30% signal and then I set it on a shelf and no I have 100%
Apr 21, 2010 at 07:19 PM
move the ps3 towards the window, because I had a same problem when I put it in my basement I put it in the upper level next to the window and it worked
you put a home made antena on your rooter's antena
how to do it ?
check out on youtube
thats a good way it helped a little bit
ok guys take care
I get a 20 percent internet connection could u send me a picture on how the tinfiol thing look like cuz my connection is not strong enought to get online
look for a wireless signal repeater. this will magnifiy your poor signal and rebroadcast it through the home with more strenght.
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either a stronger wireless router or a wireless gateway(if your provider has them, mine doesn't provide wireless unless you live outside the city lol). I just bought a cheap wireless router $14 at a PC repair shop( can't secure it but have adequate security on PC itself).

You can test the Internet speed in the site after boosting as well before boosting..