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iPod Classic will not sync with iTunes. I plug in the UDS cable and the iPod says 'Connected' though on the actually iTunes side bar, my iPod doesn't appear and therefore I can't sync or change anything. I re-try doing it over and over again and it just connects, then immediantly disconnects and the normal Menu for my iPod appears on my iPod screen.

Another problem is that some songs I have don't actually appear on my iTunes Playlists and this is REALLY annoying. Is it the actual song that is the problem or my iTunes or my iPod?

Please help.



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Ok if you have friends with the song you want just get the free app "bump". You can transfer music, videos, pictures, and many more from ANY electronic devise including the droid that has the bump app.
Step 1- Get the free app bump
Step 2- Find a person you know with a new such as IPod touch, iPhone, or Droid to get the frites selection of songs that you would like and for them to also download the app
Step 3- When the other devise goes to the app they should next click music, there will be an option to attach music
Step 4- Attach the desired music to bump
Step 5- Literally bump devises it will ask if you would like to connect to the other devise, select yes
I hope this works please give feedback!
I am actually having the same problem right now. So help would be nice

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