Laptop will not turn on

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I would appreciate anyone that could offer assistance. Please help me solve my problem.

My laptop won't boot up. I followed the procedure

which basically told me to try a static test i would remove the battery and power cable then hold the power button down for about 30 seconds and it has something to do with current fluctuation (whatever that is)

My laptop booted up. Then I turned off, to see if it would reboot again. I unplugged it and same problem. So I repeated, removed battery and power cord, and held power button for 2 minutes. I powered down and plugged it back in. It won't reboot again. Tried a 3rd time and same. My computer only works when I follow the procedure.

One underlying issue is that the laptop only works while plugged in. Which isn't a big deal, since 99% of the time I'm at office or home. I replaced the battery with a non HP battery and it didn't recognize it. Put original HP battery back and it doesn't recognized it either.

Windows Vista

Let me thank you up front for any help.

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Does your laptop power up fine when you just have AC power without any batteries?
Thank you for responding.

I tried powering with just the AC plugged in without the battery and nothing happened.
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If you cannot get on this way, it looks like a motherboard issue.
if your laptop is under warranty i would call you manufacturer for a replacement.
otherwise, get a new laptop or call the manufacturer to see how much a repair would cost.