My laptop wont turn on

 mom -

i have a dell laptop. a couple of nights ago I was going on but not starting up! then last night I tried it again and it would not go on at all. do you have any solutions as to what I can do about this pleeeeeeease. Or do I need professional assisstance?

Thank you very much :-)

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first of all as a static test I would remove the battery and power cable then hold the power button down for about 30 seconds.

insert the battery and try turning it on now.
Thank you

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If this doesnt work, i'd check the power supply to make sure its still working (charger) - is there a light on it? if not it may be worth getting another one of those. you can get universal power supplies but you'd need to check on the label to see how many volts its output is. if the charger isnt the issue and the laptop doesnt power on at all (no fans spin etc) then the motherboard is dead. check if youre in warranty otherwise its a new laptop.
Wow..thanks buddy..I thought it was dead
thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Thanks for that great easy info...
My kids were playing with my laptop, I do my assessments it. I were so scared that it could not be fix when I found out that it can't turn on. Thank you a lot. I'm very glad that it is fixed now.

This problem happens bcoz of current fluctuation, hope my few steps help you solve this problem.

first you need to remove battery. then hold power button for 30 sec to 1min.
then connect power cord then press power button. hope it will works.

if Not.

then make sure your power cord is in working condition, if it works fine then repeat the steps as I said, this time you need to hold power button for 2 min or more, Note :- there should not be any power supply when you are doing these steps.

thanks & regards
Worked for mine too :)
its my pleasure...
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Ashfak, do you realise you advised the same solution I gave? I wouldnt take too much credit.
you Advice my solution... by the way my solution works for all... so I am get much credit.. y r u so jealous
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If you read my solution first, you wouldnt have had to comment.
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did not work for my laptop, what am I doing wrong? followed the steps excatly even held power for 3 mins
my power light and charging light wont power on I tried 2min but it still didnt work any suggestions
battery still has power and power supply still works
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then it sounds like a hardware issue. best thing to do is to send it back to manufacturer.
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I study A+ Hardware & If ya u do open ya laptop make sure you have an Anti-Static mat & put ya laptop on top of it & have got a wrist strap on and place the clip from the mat on an unpainted bit of ya laptop. Its the Amps is what will kill ya otherwise. Dont wear the Wrist strap if removing or touching ya Power Supply in the laptop. U will definetaly die from the shock. If u dont have none of them & u do open ya laptop, all it takes is for u to touch it and u shock the motherboard, RAM, Graphics Card etc with ya finger, well there might go ya hardware. So beware if ya do.
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Alternatively you could leave the power supply in to earth the laptop as the average home user doesnt have anti-stat equipment. as for the A+ Student. die from shock? try a UK university.
Also, Scoobies, it's really hard to read when you write ya instead of your. Spelling is appreciated.

cheers ur gonna help save ppl alot of money
my acer aspire has died I tryied this and still doesnt work, it turns on but the monitor just doesnt any ideas?
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Possible reason 1: your Acer might be going into 'Standby' mode and not coming out of it, or maybe the OS is crashing. Check the 'Power Options Properties' in the 'Display Properties > Screensaver > Power > Power Options panel'.

Possible reason 2: the capacitor has shorted in the main board. Try to look for any buldging capacitor and change it.
Waaaaaaaa,it worked for my laptop,thx sooooooooooooooooo much!!!!
thank u sooooo much
Awesome advice it worked for me!! thank you!
its my pleasure... :-)
Thanks a bunch!!! I thought I had to get a new laptop.
Thank you for this. I needed it when my laptop wouldnt turn on, thank god I have internet on my iPod.