My ipod wont turn on

someone - Jan 6, 2009 at 07:46 PM
 khkm - Nov 4, 2012 at 11:59 AM
I havent used my ipod in a long time and when I try and turn it on now it does nothing and I left plugged into the computer over night thinking it would charge but it still does nothing. what should I do to get it on again?

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I had the exact same thing happen to me. It was quite upsetting, especially after just been given it as a present. I googled it, this it what I found and it works!!!

Checklist to see if your iPod needs a reboot:

. Your iPod is charged.

*If not, you might have to plug in your iPod, and make sure the computer can't go to sleep while it's charging. The iPod won't charge if the iPod is locked, so no orange.

Charging your iPod problem solution, that also works.

* Your iPod might need to completely drain in battery source before you can charge it. If that's the case, leave the iPod unplugged for 24 hours before trying to charge it. That will make sure the power is drained and your iPod is ready to be charged.

2. Your iPod is unlocked. Slide the button back and fourth a couple of times, just to make sure it's working.

3. And your iPod still has a black screen, frozen logo, or white screen.

Rebooting your iPod.

1. Run a cold boot (shut your computer down, then turn it back on) on your computer. * If your iPod crashed because of the software freezing, or the computer crashed.

2. Open your Apple Software.

3. Plug in your iPod. Make sure that you plug in your iPod into your computer, and that the plugs are secure. Your computer should detect your iPod, black screen or not.

4. Set down the iPod. Take your iPod and put it on a flat surface.

5. Press firmly. Take your fingers, and firmly press the middle button, and the menu button. It will read menu on the top button of the click wheel, and the center circle of your click wheel is what your looking for.

* Make sure your fingers are planted on the top of the center button, close to the menu button, and you are pressing it together.

6. Count to 8.

Now you should see an Apple logo pop up on your iPod screen.

Sometimes you need to try it a few times, to get it to work.

It should be synchronizing and happily you should be on your way.

*You also can reboot your iPod without it being plugged into the computer, I always do mine while it's plugged in.

I had to erease all the dta on mines and put the music and everything back on, im actually typing it now whilst its doing it, so pleased I found this! It all back to normal now :D:D:D:D:D:D
yo man my ipod is a ipod click wheel with no colour I try it but it still doesn't work only the apple log pop up so man plz help me first the sad icon popup and a white blanck screen and after a folder icon pop up I try it then the apple log only comes on so plz help me you can tell my how by my msn
thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! you are my lifesaver!!! I thought my ipod was broken.
hi well my ipod touch turned off because it was done so it needed it to be charged and then a few mins. it went to the screan where it has the charger and then i-tunes and now I wont work but it say I need to unlock it but I cant cause it cant go to the regalure setting its just black and the screen please email me I need help>!!!!!!!!!!! my email is Email Id removed for security please help
I Dont Know What Ive Would Have Done Without You Help I Just Want To Say Thank You For Giving Me That Help If Was Really Helpful Now My ipod Is Back In Running Thanks To You.! Now I Know What To Do When My ipod Is Like That Again Thanks.!
Thank you for the tip. I too had been searching for some answers and good thing I came across your solution because my ipod works now. yay!
It happen to me too what I did was hold the sleep butten and home butten for like 30sec and then my iPod restated and worked
Thanks a lot....worked for me :)
thankzz a lot,, cnt say how much I appreciate that ur advice worked !!!

thankz agen
thank you so much I think I love or something. it works. do know how I care about that silly ipod? I think its my 2nd child.
it dint workk):
is there another quick way?
i really dont want to take it to the apple storee/
it worked !!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you SOO mch
hold the menu button down + he middle one at the same time thn if a liltle applee sing comes up your saved!
if not I say you take it to the shop!
thx man your saved my ipod
o my god thank-you sooooooooo much it actually works
thank you sooio much I that I was gunna have to buy my friend a new I pod because I borrowed it from her OMG thanx your a lifesaver.
omgg thank uuu!<333
Okay listen guys I found out how to fix for the Itouch. Just hold down the center button and lock the button for a while and it will do a full system restart.
omg I love you ( not really) you saved my ipod! :)

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i bought my ipod last night and doesnt tuurn on .
dude u have to chrage it first
LOL >.> If it's new, you HAVE to charge the iPod FIRST, Smartie o.o||||
holding the menu and middle button worked for me too, thanks so very very much, I was frantic and this saved my ipod- the suggester is awesome you rock
I had the same problem but all I did was go to my ipod and click restore. It totally wipped my ipod but after that I put alll my stuff back on there and it worked again.
HI my ipod is a nano yellow 16gb 4th gen and I think I may have slept on it anyway it now has this wierd condesation under the screen and it will not reset or charge or turn on this happened to me when I was on holiday in india but for no reason I left it for 24 hours and it worked but with low battery no explenation though ipods are odd like that
so I am now going to wait 24 hours and see although I was wondering do you think the condensation has ruined the ipod I think some air may have got in to it I left it for 30 mins it had gone but now when I press the menu and the center button the screen gets condensation so I think I will just leave it for a couple of days and if that doesn't work I will take it in to a apple store as it is only 6 months old
wow this worked thanks a lot. I had lost hope but if u actually hold both buttons for a lil while it works.thanks live savior<3
thank u sooooo much those who tld me o press the center n menu buttons together that wrkd n my ipod is my prize treasure ...i was worried THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just pressed the Menu button and the center worked.
I am really grateful.
Thank you very much

Just press menu button and than middle button togather for 30 second. It will be ok
Dante Williams
Dec 26, 2009 at 09:33 PM
thanks goodness, I just lost my receipt and my I pod warranty thingy
your a lifesaver
It worked thank you so much!! :D I am reallyy happyy I got myy ipod touch back thank you so much!!!!! :D
When I powered my iPod off it would not turn back on. I followed the hold down the button on top and the menu button as on post suggested and I am able to get my iPoddy back on. You are my hero thanks. I think this was great. I love my iPod so much and I am happy to see it turn on again. You dont even know, my Ipod is special because my Husband won it for me at his former job. I will prolly have it even after the thing is obsolete and they sunsent them. SO thank you very much.
Jan 1, 2010 at 12:19 AM
OhMyGosh! Thank-you sooooo much. My best friend's iPod was being mental. And doing the same thing.
We held those buttons and nothing happened. Then a couple seconds later we looked at it again and it was on.
thank u sooooooooooooo much
Too much answers x . x Like, really! >:U
thank you sooooooo much...... I followed the instructions I read.. thanks it works...
Thank you so much I thought that my itouch would never turn on, but I never would have tried what you showed use. Once again thank you I will always try that solution, and hopefully never have a problem with my itouch again, and if I do I will always check this wbsite.