How do u bring up the cheat window for Sims 2 [Solved/Closed]

 Bab4Gu41 -
Hello Everyone,

I need help with the cheats for Sims 2. When I press ctrl shift c the cheat window doesn't come up.

Please help!!
System Configuration: Windows Vista
Safari 525.19

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I just got the new Sims 3, and it didn't
work I was getting so mad ahaha now
it works yay!
easy you have to hold them all down at once and you have to push + too.
hope this solves your problem.

Sims 2 double deluxe rocks hope u have fun!!!!!!!!!
Wow, how on earth did you find that out?! Thank you!
Do you have Free Will turned off? Because I had the same problem, turned Free Will on again, and the keyboard shortcuts worked just fine after that. This probably works for any weird game setting you might have turned on.
Do you have HP PC or laptop? Because with HP computer you get a program, which uses this combination. So you must find this program and delete this shotrcut that it uses, or if you don't know how just uninstall this program if you dom't use it.

Or - just if you have windows Vista, you must type one more (but I don't know anymore which) - so you have 4 typing together for this cheat.
just press ctrl+shift+c
just press ctrl c at the same time and there you go
if it dosent work email me
If that doesnt work you can try pressing:

1. control,shift, enter, c
2. shift, control,=,windows(button),c
3. shift,control ,windows,c

I hope this works,

Good Luck.
My cheat windown will not show up either and the settings are all correct, what do I do?

just use Ctrl+Shift+C (press them all and hold them till a box at the top pops up)
you are ment to press ctrl alt c
You probably need to press shift CTRL windows key and C because thats what I need to do
You press ctrl shift c at the same time then you put your cheat there and hit enter
Are you pressing it in the order of shift cntr c?
If u arnt try it, it works for me
control + shift + c
And first- where do I find hp health check?
I tried all the things you said, but it still doesnt work ( I didnt try with hp health check because I couldnt find it! ) It keeps taking photos and so on... can anyone please help???

That ctrl-shift-c only works on Sims 1. In order for it to work for sims 2, You must press ctrl-alt-c.
on most computers there are programs whose shortcut is control+shift+c and I know you have to change that setting.
NO I need help to do that too if some one told you can you help me
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