How do u bring up the cheat window for Sims 2 [Solved/Closed]

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Hello Everyone,

I need help with the cheats for Sims 2. When I press ctrl shift c the cheat window doesn't come up.

Please help!!
System Configuration: Windows Vista
Safari 525.19

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It still did not work it just takes photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same :((((((((((((
yeah same here! it wont work with me.
this dosen't work at all, why give me information that is useless.
how do I get from health check to propertie what do I go on?
help please
I've tried every single one of those things and none of them work for me. I changed the shortcut in HP health check, I tried the Ctrl+Shift+Windows key+C and that doesn't work either. I'm at a loss :(
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Leave the shortcut to NONE that worked for me
> Flowox
Leave the shortcut to NONE

For the person (abby cat)who gave this info on HP laptops and SIMS2 cheats. thanks so much
finally can play and have all the money I need to enjoy my sims...
the ctrl and shift and windows key and c all worked so well.
I'm a happy gamer

press ctrl+shift+c and put in 87h7 then click enter and then put in the cheats u want do not be afraid of the error.

there u go that will work if not contact me at or email me at tom98u8@yahoo.(com or not sh

i cant get it! when I go to HP Health Check, there's nothing there. Help!
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thank you so much. youre my new best friend :)
> annnnaaaa :D
No problem. Enjoy! :)
same it wont work
tyvm :D u is awsome!!!!!
how du cole thw cheats box?
ctrl + shift + windows key+ c

windows key...being the key that when pressed, it opens up the start menu

this is how it works for me on vista.
To launch HP Health Check, follow the steps below.

1.Click Start and then Help and Support .
2. Click Troubleshooting Tools , and then under Health Check, click Use this tool to scan your system for security and maintenance issues to open HP Health Check from HP Help and Support.

Alternately, click Start , All Programs , HP , and then HP Health Check to open HP Health Check from the start menu.

HP Health Check opens.
i have tryed and I can't find the tab short cut or any thing
Read my reply it is number 60 I have explained step by step what you need to do
For Vista you must press shift and ctrl, hold those two keys down. Then press and release the ctrl on the right side, and press and release c, while holding down shift and ctrl on the left side.

please please
If you have a vist laptop that is a hp brand this is what you do to fix the cheat window for the sims 2
Firstly go to the start button then click all programs. Scroll down untill you see a folder called hp click on the folder and all the sub folders for hp are displayed. You will then see one called Hp health check. Just right click it and when the window opens select properties. When a box opens there will be a tab that says shortcut mine actually opens in the shortcut tab so I didnt need to navigate to it. About half way down you will see Shortcut key and in the box next to it will be ctrl + shift + c just click in the box and change the c to a h or any other letter you like. Then click apply then you can close the box. Now run the sims 2 and when you are in the game the ctrl + shift + c cheat box should work.
i did all that then when the cheat box comes up and I type in my cheat sims just closes
You have to press ctrl shift c then a bar should pop up on the top of the screen then just push get it off of there.
you need to go to the sims 2 cheats .com
they'l know
omg!! thank u sooooo much!! I have always been trying to find out how to put the cheat codes back in and I finally found it! thank you!
its not workin 4 me :(
>Your the BEST...I've been working on this problem with my HP Vista system for 2 month. I deleted ALL my Sims 2 expansion packages. And still no cheats access...I even called Sims 2 help desk..their reply was they do not suuport cheats...Well cheats make my game FUN...Thanks...think I'll bake you a cake.
OMG thanks u are a lifesaver! I never thought iut would actually work!!!

Thanks soooo much!!!

Hellp everyone,

So I finally got the cheat code box up but I have a problem when I write in it and press enter it says command unknown I dont understand the box looks like a strip of black and when I type the letters are blue is that correct is that what it looks like when you guys type in it? can anyone help me I really want my baby back she was taken by the nanny and I tried everything to get her back and the cops wont help me!!!! I ran out of options hopefully it works im going to keep trying but if anyone could help me I would be sooooo happy =)
hi so I did wat youtube said nothing and when I do ctrl shift c it takes a pic of it wat should I do thx
same here
Okay to bring up the cheat box (or as u call it, the cheat window) click Ctrl+Shift+C. Hope this helps!!
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