How do u bring up the cheat window for Sims 2 [Solved/Closed]

 Bab4Gu41 -
Hello Everyone,

I need help with the cheats for Sims 2. When I press ctrl shift c the cheat window doesn't come up.

Please help!!
System Configuration: Windows Vista
Safari 525.19

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Ctrl + shift and you can get all this cool stuff !!!!
how do you change the setting>
Fan-flippin-tastic! cheers dude, you made my day :D
you should press them in the same time
try this:
Go to the start menu,
search for HP Health Check,
right click and go to properties,
click the short cut tab,
and then go down to the short cut window.
The short cut for this program is also ctrl+shift+c,
so just change it and your cheats window should work fine.
good luck!
Mine is still not working
I might be wrong but try ctrl shift alt if that deosnt work then try them together :)

dont do cntl alt delete hes talking crap
It is shift-ctrl-c (:
try Ctrl + Shift + Windows + C at the same time :D
i need help doing the cheet kaching for 1000 money help me.
i need help doing the cheet kaching for 1000 money help me.
i cant do it either! I have a windows xp dell desktop. I dont have cursor xp
you have to fart 3 times using L1 R1 X,O

I really dislike you right now...
"just right click hp health check and go to properties." -mocking voice-
I uninstalled the game seconds before coming across your bulletin. I was thinking a fresh install might fix things... Though I must ask. How did you come across this conclusion. And so everyone knows, money in this game is fairly easy to come across.
that didnt work now what do I do?
i am soooo confused to health check brings up this scanning thing r something like that and I dont have properties I have persanilize....i need help I realy want my cheats to work and get that freaking cheat box!
just pres ctrl and shift and c at the same timexxx
thank you so much!!!! i've tried everything to get my cheat box open this is the only thing that worked thank yooou

that didnt work for me it only pauses the game :(((((( and ctrl+c+windows didnt do ANYTHING
i tried this and it doesnt work :\
ctrl+shift then press c. dont press them at same time, it might not work. thats what I did x
yes it really does work you have to press shift and control aqt the same time then press window and then press c thats wat I did and it worked
thanks 4 they help, now I can cheat again stupid hp laptop
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